Mudhouse and The Golden Doll: Pakistani parallel cinema matures

July 18, 2011

With the release of films as Khuda Kay Liye and BOL, Pakistani cinema seems to be rising from the shadows of struggle. Although the concept of parallel cinema in Pakistan is not as defined as it is in Iran, Italy, France, Japan or India but the young Pakistani filmmakers are also stamping a mark in the world of off-beat cinema. With young filmmakers as Mehreen Jabbar, Bilal Lashari and Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy making waves in the professional film world, there is hope a new revolution in Pakistani cinema is about to begin.

One such young director that has joined the league is Hamza Ali Abbasi. He may be new in the business but being associated to meaningful entertainment for a while now, he certainly has an intrinsic cinematic vision. His first product, “Mudhouse and The Golden Doll” is a film that documents experiences of a real life character into a truly original and vivid piece of filmmaking.

This first time filmmaker but a veteran theatre actor, Hamza, makes an attempt to feature issues that are relevant to our times and culturally rooted in Pakistani society. This feature length film, which took 8 months to complete, is currently in the post production phase. Inspired by a real life character living in Multan, the movie also canvasses critical social issues young rural girls face in a very honest way. It is the story of a mentally ill street wanderer and a childhood denied young village girl who share a special bond. The relationship between these two individuals is beyond comprehension for others and hence frowned upon by the society. The story takes an interesting turn when every effort is made to put this socially unacceptable relationship to an end.

MHGD not only marks the directorial debut of Hamza Ali Abbasi but also features him in the role of Pasha (the madman). Tajwar Raza plays the role of Sonya (young village girl) and TV actress, Mehwish Hayat Khan, will be seen playing the grown up Sonya.

The director plans to send this movie to film festivals abroad and release it in Pakistan at a later stage.

More information about the movie can be found at the official facebook page of “Mudhouse & The Golden Doll”.

Watch the teaser trailer below: