Swaras working with Glen Drover of Megadeth on their new track

June 14, 2011

Swaras (“The seven notes of the scale (swaras)” in English) is a semi classical pop/rock Pakistani band from Toronto.

Emerging from the genre of “World Fusion”, Swaras‘ music is not just an amalgamation of the Classical Eastern and Rocking Western harmonies but also a synthesis of the world melodies like African Conga drums, Italian Violin, Spanish Guitars, Chinese folk flutes, Punjabi Dhol, Arabic Cello, Persian DAF etc.

Swaras is currently working with Glen Drover, a heavy metal guitarist from Canada who is best known as the former lead guitarist in Megadeth. Glen is producing and playing lead/bass on Swaras‘ new track.

As per Swaras,

”It is a Raag based progressive rock track which will be a total surprise to our listeners. It will be more musically inclined then vocally but we will be maintaining the eastern classical/mid-eastern feel to the track. Glen is also playing the lead and bass guitars along with Hassan and also producing the track for us as well however all the music arrangement is done by Hassan Bokhari”