Ali Zafar Goes Out of The Way to Promote Pakistani Film Industry

June 28, 2011

Although we know that Ali Zafar is busy shooting films in B-town, he is being more than supportive of his own film industry and seems to be going out of his way to do that.

Recently at the Lahore premier of the film ‘Bol‘, Ali Zafar, despite his differences with Shoaib Mansoor in the past not only made his presence at the premier but being asked by the event producer, even agreed to introduce the film to the audience and also introduced Atif Aslam for his performance before the film. Ali was extremely articulate and generous with his words and praise for the project and the people involved including Atif Aslam. Such caliber of humility is rarely witnessed amongst entertainment industry nowadays.

Besides this, Ali has also agreed to sing the title song for Reema’s film “Love Mein Gum” without charging her anything. The video has all the major celebrities in the country dancing to Ali’s voice.

Seems like we have one icon here who doesn’t forget his roots and keeps giving back.