Zeb & Haniya’s Upcoming EP to Come out This Fall

May 12, 2011

As already reported, Zeb & Haniya are brewing a five to seven track EP with True Brew Records. In an exclusive interview with Tribune, the duo has shared more information about the upcoming EP with the fans. The EP will consist of tracks which will be rather “expressions from within” keeping the classical/folk essence intact. The experimental project has been scheduled to come out this fall.

We are feeling a bit more confident, so we are taking a few experimental steps here and there, kind of pushing our envelope a little bit,” said Zeb.

Since it’s not a complete album, but an EP, the duo plans not to follow a specific theme but to add as much flavors as they may to the experimental project which will feature several known and unknown artists on it.

Haniya added “It’s going to be exciting because the writings are being done without the aim of releasing an album, so the spirit in which things are being done has excited us.

One of the tracks from the upcoming EP will be called “The Happy Song” which is about beauty in a time of turmoil.

The duo also plans to make a career at India. Zeb said “India has a huge classical music tradition, which is one of my passions,“.