‘This is Now My Career & Not a Hobby’ – Jimmy Khan [Interview]

April 28, 2011

A Lahore based artist, Jimmy is a young Pakistani artist in his early twenties. Jimmy Khan released his debut single ‘Pehla Pyar’ to much acclaim with fans and the press instantly dubbing the song as a feel good, cool and catchy summer favourite. Originally composed and written by Jimmy himself as an easy listening pop song, Pehla Pyar features industry stalwarts such as guitarist Omran “Momo” Shafique and the groovy Kamran “Mannu” Zafar on bass and was produced at the LJP Studios in Karachi.

In a span of just over 20 days, the song has been dubbed a hot radio favourite; the video for Pehla Pyar has received over 8,000 views on Youtube alone with additional 5,000+ views on his official Facebook fanpage.

The video for ‘Pehla Pyar’ has been conceptualised and directed by Saad Azhar of New York Film Academy who is also the director of photography for the video. Sung in Urdu, both the song and the video are inspired by a person’s journey through his first love following a flashback sequence ideology. Jimmy is currently putting together original material for an EP slated for a 2011-12 release.

Jimmy talks about his music and future plans in an exclusive interview with us

KoolMuzone: When did you begin creating music?

Jimmy: Since the day I decided to play the guitar.

KoolMuzone: How has the response been on your first single “Pehla Pyar”?

Jimmy: Haven’t heard much against it so I’d say pretty positive! Can’t wait to release the second one *chukles*

KoolMuzone: Tell us about your experience of working with some of the most professional musicians like Omran, Mannu and Gumby?

Jimmy: I didn’t have an opportunity to work with Gumby that much for this single but I was fortunate to have worked extensively with Omran, who was full of amazing ideas. Its slightly intimidating working with such talented people but the entire process made me learn a lot.

KoolMuzone: We have seen you getting a lot of press coverage and testimonials from some of the mainstream musicians, were you expecting industry to be so welcoming?

Jimmy: I had no idea what to expect the day of the launch and after but my expectations were well exceeded when mainstream musicians came to show their support and the press like yourself, are being so supportive. I felt welcomed!

KoolMuzone: A lot of musicians in Pakistan release singles, videos and then disappear, what’s your plan musically?

Jimmy: Planning another release in the summer of the song titled ‘Aisay Kaisay’. An EP to be released by the end of the year or early next year. I do not intend to disappear as this is now my career and not a hobby.

KoolMuzone: If you plan an album release, you know you’re either looking at low-paying labels or independent release, how do you plan to deal with this?

Jimmy: We are currently exploring avenues of releasing an EP independently as the record labels in Pakistan at the moment are not yet accustomed to such a release – but you never know – focusing on making the music for the time being with the rest being handled by my agents at Lotus.

KoolMuzone: Any message for your fans and our readers?

Jimmy: Thanks for your support for ‘Pehla Pyar’ and I look forward to sending more music your way.

[Thanks Lotus PR, Zubair Mallick, Lali Khalid, Stonage, Toni & Guy.]