Indian Performing Arts Company Planning Dance Visualisation of Coke Studio

March 31, 2011

Coke StudioWhen the music industry of Pakistan was drying up with almost no album releases, Coke Studio turned out to be the helping hand. Fire Records, leading record company of Pakistan, only managed to release less than 10 albums in 2010 while the promised number was sixty. I wouldn’t blame them as much because if they released ten, others didn’t do even as much.

Coke Studio has been the best thing that has happened to Pakistani music industry in past few years. Not only that, it has catered music to fans all around the world and has scored huge amount of fans in India.

At one hand we are hearing rumors of an Indian version of Coke Studio (which will still be headed by Rohail Hyatt, as the rumors suggest) and on the other we are discovering the power of Coke Studio in performing arts.

Hyderabad based performing arts company is looking forward to host a dance visualisation session in collaboration with Coke Studio. Tameem, the director, says

Considering how popular Coke Studio became, we wanted to do something for fans back here. So we decided to have a dance visualisation. We did a lot of research and hand-picked six popular, meaningful tracks from their three seasons.

If Pakistan creates great music, there’s no denying to the fact that India has an amazing performing arts industry. If this takes place in the true sense of collaboration, this will be an interesting session.

[Thanks Neha for sending this in]