Coke Studio Welcomes Kailash Kher and Call the band?

March 18, 2011

The Pakistani phenomenon, Coke Studio welcomes the Pakistani rock band Call and another Indian musician, Kailash Kher who is a household name in India, having successfully fused Indian folk music with pop. We have come to know this from two very reliable sources from inside the studio.

Produced by Rohail Hyatt, the show will feature both the band and the sufi musician as a part of the fourth season of Coke Studio. Kailash Kher will be the second Indian musician to be featured in this highly successful Pakistani TV show after Rabbi Shergill. This proves that artistes, regardless of their nationality, are for the people and by the people, and of the people. Musicians are musicians, it doesn’t matter whether they’re Indian, Pakistani or British. Pakistani musicians are getting their name and fame in India and now Pakistan’s government has allowed Indian musicians to come and perform here.

Kailash Kher’s folk sensibilities, combined with lyrics invoking Sufi mysticism and rock, has made him a huge hit across generations. He is basically known as a Sufi singer, and has a very earthy and raw voice, with a style greatly inspired by Sufism.

Fans have been demanding the band Call over and over again to be featured in Coke Studio and it seems that Mr. Hyatt has finally listened to all of you. The band which opted to shift gears and swerved considerably away from their original sound, recently released their uplifting record “Dhoom”, will now be seen rocking the studio.

It would be interesting to see Call and Kailash Kher performing with the House and Guest musicians of Coke Studio, as the show has an increasing number of Indian fans through the Web.

Coke Studio which now has around 500,000 fans on Facebook, is also now available on iTunes music store, Amazon and CD Baby. Unfortunately, for some reason, only the second and third seasons are available for download at these online stores.

– Buy the second and third season from iTunes for about $29.99 per season

– Buy the second and third season from Amazon for about £17.98 and £13.98

– Buy the second and third season from CD Baby for about $25.00 each

Update 1: PR manager of Call has denied the band’s inclusion this season.