5 Minutes With Jumbo Jutt (Interview)

March 7, 2011

We sat down with the band that has recently gained popularity through Uth Records and talked about their work, experience with Uth Records and possible future endeavors

1. How did the band begin? How do you define your sound?

Technically the musical content came into being before the band began, which was the result of depression caused by news and boredom. The band was born when Saad and Adeel heard the songs and liked them enough to work on them seriously.

As far as our sound goes, ideally i would prefer if it didn’t get one term to dumb it down or label it because we try to incorporate as many styles as we can into it. But i guess, gun to my head, i’d label it as angry/rebellious rock music as rock is the foundation to our sound.

2. What influences your music?

Anything and everything. People, politics, social norms..things like hope for change or just hope in general…a lot of things..but mostly negativity as there’s plenty of it around here.

3. How do you find Uth Records? How was your work experience with them?

Uth records has got to be in the top 3 best experiences of our lives. It was unbelievable working with people like Momo, Gumby and Faraz because quite honestly they are in-fact our rock heroes. Apart from the learning aspect that you inevitably acquire by working with such pros, they made it really fun for us. And to top it all off we got Zeeshan, Bilal, Shahrukh and Biya for the visuals, so all in all, these guys made us look good while we were having the time of our lives. Win win!

4. Have you been contacted by any big name other than Uth Record?

Nope. Not yet at least. Still have our fingers crossed though.

5. Any new upcoming projects?

Since we’re still somewhat of a budding band, the main priority right now is to do gigs and record some new material to keep the fans happy, so keep your ears open and your eyes peeled.