Uth Records – Episode 1 ‘Jumbo Jutt feat. Faraz Anwar’ (Pictures)

February 19, 2011

On Set Photographer – Biya Shadab

Uth Records - Episode 1 - Omer - Ali - Faraz Anwar

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A Karachi based underground rock band, Jumbo Jutt aspires to give its audiences more than just regular melodies. They make music with a message.

Formed in 2009, Jumbo Jutt’s young line up includes Mohammad Ali Suhail on Vocals and Lead Guitar, Syed Saad Shams on Bass Guitar, Adeel Hussain on the Drums and Omar Kapadia on Rhythm Guitar. The band also won underground competition Lipton Battle of the Bands

For these young, self-taught musicians, it is a dream fulfilled to be recording their music professionally with the producers of Uth Records. Speaking for the band, vocalist and lead guitarist of Jumbo Jutt, says

“The right pieces seem to be falling into place… It’s just the right mix of hands on and letting us do what we do. They’ve [The Uth Records Team] been very helpful and constantly trying to cater to what we want the song to turn out like and gave their honest advice when we needed it. Once a decision on music direction takes place they go through each section meticulously and treat it with such care and enjoy it as if it were their own…Being a part of this platform is still somewhat surreal to me…I feel we’re in good hands and hopefully this will help us go a long way…”

Jumbo Jutt performed their original composition, “Jumbo Jutt”.

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