Music Machine and Their Hunt for Artists (Interview)

January 26, 2011

Music Machine is an organization dedicated to the development of the local music Industry. They have arranged some of the best underground acts in past few months with artists like Co-VEN, Malang Party, Poor Rich Boy, TakaTak, Shahzad Hameed, The Others, Odyssey, Bambu Sauce, Arieb Azhar etc and they thrive to hunt for more.

So, we sat down with them and asked them a couple of questions about them and how underground artists could really benefit from Music Machine in getting paid gigs.

What is the Music Machine?

It’s an organization dedicated to the development of the local  music industry. We believe that a thriving local scene is the foundation upon which  any healthy music industry rests, it is this sector of the industry, that we also find  as being the most under-developed in Pakistan.

Our focus is on the development of these grass-root structures, with our most immediate objective being the establishment of a Live  Circuit in Lahore.

What has Music Machine done so far?

We teamed up with The Guitar School to establish our first venue, and organized our first performances in November 2010 for the launch of co-VEN’s vol 3. Since  then the venue has hosted a variety of artists including Arieb Azhar, Takatak, Poor Rich Boy, Odyssey, Malang Party & Bumbu Sauce.

What is Music Machine doing now?

We are growing up! Our second venue for which we are collaborating with True Brew Records is nearing completion. Work on number of other venues has already begun and we will be adding these venues to the $Music Machine Circuit very soon. It’s also time for the “Artist Hunt” to begin. we are looking for the best local artists to come and play on our gigs.

What kind of artists are allowed to participate?

Everyone is welcome, we place no restrictions on the kind of musical acts which can participate. So whether you are a classical singer, Jazz trio, rock band, an acoustic singer songwriter, tribute band or you play dance music, you are all welcome! Our only criteria is that you’re good, really good at what you do!

Are the artists paid?

YES! all our headlining acts are paid. Pretty much every one involved with running Music Machine is a musician, we understand that musicians need to be paid! The Music Machine works on a simple financial structure where the artists are paid a fixed amount out of every ticket sold at their show.

What is the Difference between a head-liner and a supporting act?

Because we operate in small venues, we only have one headlining artist for each event. This is the artist who’s name will be used in the promotion of the show and who will be taken into consideration while making all the preparations for that show. All other acts that play on that night are considered opening or support acts.

How does a supporting act become a head-liner?

Once you start playing on the circuit, becoming a head-liner is simple. All you need to do is prepare a killer set which is at least an hour long. Once you have that, let us know, there will be a live audition, and if you impress us, we will give you your own show!

Can someone apply directly as a head-liner?

Yes if you already have an hour long set prepared, apply directly for an audition to become a head-liner.

How does one apply?

Email us at [email protected] with the following.

Artist Name
Web Presence (facebook, myspace etc.)

Member Details
Phone #

Project Description

Management Details

Phone Number

Logo & Artwork
High Resolution Pictures
Audio Samples
Video Samples