Mira Nair is Working With Pakistani for Reluctant Fundamentalist

December 25, 2010

Last month we got a scoop that Mira Nair, the famous filmmaker, might be considering a Pakistani star, Ali Zafar, for her movie Reluctant Fundamentalist. However, he was only auditioning for the movie at that point in time and nothing was finalised.

After the unavailability of Ranbeer Kapoor for the film, Mira was considering multiple stars both from Pakistan and India. Imran Khan was one of the major candidates for the film who has now been disregarded by the Nair tells us a report by Zoom.

Nair has instead decided to go ahead with a Pakistani face. Watch the Zoom’s report below for details.

This has opened up the doors for the pop star, Ali Zafar, as Mira has decided to go ahead with a Pakistani star. Will Ali Zafar be Mira Nair’s ‘Reluctant Fundamentalist’? Honestly, we don’t know for sure but that’s how it appears to be now.

If that is how things goes, this will be Zafar’s step into the Hollywood.