Bol The Movie – Synopsis, Music Credits & Screen Shoots

November 9, 2010

Bol Movie PosterSynopsis:

Bol‘ is Shoaib Mansoor‘s second dramatic breakthrough of revealing life with its complexities. After ‘Khuda Kay Liye‘, that went on to win several international awards, ‘Bol’ is another gripping story authored by him. A story that shows barely make ends meet. On top of the poverty the father subscribes to a set of values that embody contradictions, values that have not been questioned.

‘Bol’ is a roller coaster of emotions, yet carries subtleties that make your heartbeat stop. Based in the heart of Lahore, the story takes place in a house full of daughters, with vibrancy of life, yet restrictions on blooming. It questions the worth of a human being, may it be a woman or a person born with a birth defect. It questions the authority of reproducing human beings into this world without taking responsibility of acknowledging their worth.

‘Bol’ takes you through a journey into the life of this family experiencing their troubles, sufferings, resolves and high points. As family members take decision to solve their problems they step into deeper troubles. The complexity of their circumstances becomes a struggle of life and death.

Bol Movie First LookHumaima Malick, after gaining popularity on the small in the recent years has been picked for the big screen for the first time. She plays a daughter who gets affected the most by the family tensions. She respects the norms she has been given by her parents yet is compelled by her intuitive logic and sense of justice to rebel.

Atif Aslam plays an enlightened neighbor, and with his two loves, one for music and the other for the next door beauty, Mahira Khan, adds romance and melody to the film.

Iman Ali will be seen in a very different role than her usual appearances. A courtesan who is ambivalent between the standards of success her family considers so important and the desires of her own heart.

‘Bol’ is Bold.
… so bold that someone will find it hard to confess that they have seen it!

Director’s Statement:

“Having been so blessed in life, I often think of the things that i should be grateful for. The list always seems to be never ending, but invariably it ends at one thing.. that I was born as a MAN.

Bol Movie - First Look 2Nothing in the world scares me more than the thought of being born a woman or a eunuch in a country like Pakistan, where obscurantism the deep roots. It is very unfortunate that we make tall claims, full of pride, about the rights of woman granted by our religion and yet when I look around in underdeveloped Muslim countries in general and Pakistan in particular. I find things totally the opposite. Tragically, our interpretation and application of religion seems to begin and end with woman. Leave the 5% urban educated elite aside, woman seems to be the playground (battleground) where we practice a medieval form of religion.”


“I have been getting a lot of films’ offers, but I wasn;t interested in chocolate-boy roles. ‘Bol’ allowed me to be a part of something substantial. I had my special moments while shooting the film, such as the excited reaction of the children in interior Lahore and the fact that I was performing with a bunch of seasoned actors.”Atif Aslam

Bol Movie - Atif Aslam

“I had never played such a challenging character (as I did in ‘Bol’) before. I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to pull it off, but I trusted in Shoaib Mansoor to bring out the best in me. I can proudly say not that I’ve come out as a much stronger person and performer.”Humaima Malick

Bol Movie - Humaima Malick

“My earlier projects with Shoaib Mansoor – Ishq Superme video and Khuda Kay Liye – raised the bar so high for myself that I was not able to commit to a single film project that came my way afterwards, both in India and Pakistan. I kept declining offers, even at the cost of being called finicky. But I knew one thing: if I’d ever do a film again, it had to be a notch higher. ‘Bol’, I believe, fulfilled my wish.”Iman Ali

Bol Movie - Iman Ali

“This film has been such a surreal experience for me. It was my first experience in acting, so I was nervous initially but I felt comfortable once we began shooting. There were days when everyone was in a great mood and times when stress levels were high. Now when I think about those days I miss them. Thank God for Shoaib Mansoor.”Mahira Khan

Bol Movie - Mahira Khan

“After doing over 700 films with every jack of Lollywood, and also a film with a Indian Director in ‘Godfather’, I believe I badly needed to do a film like ‘Bol’, that would teach me something new. Eventually, I was able to give up the loud and melodramatic style of acting I was used to, and play sublte in front of the camera. I must salute Shoaib Mansoor for that.”Shafqat Cheema

Bol Movie - Shafqat Cheema

“For me, the best part about BOL was the fact that the film’s production team was composed of very young, dynamic and hard working people. I felt like I had become thier age. Their energy level was so infectious.”Manzar Sehbai

Bol Movie - Manzar Sehabi

Bol Movie - Music CreditsMusic Credits:

“Sayyan Bolain”

Vocals: Shabnam Majeed, Sahir Ali Bugga, Bina Jawad
Lyrics: Shoaib Mansoor
Composed By: Shoaib Mansoor
Produced By: Sahir Ali Bugga

“Hona Tha Pyaar”

Vocals: Atif Aslam, Hadiqa Kiani, Faiza Mujahid
Lyrics: Capt. Imran Raza
Composed By: Atif Aslam
Produced By: Shiraz Uppal

“Aaj Bol Do”

Vocals: Atif Aslam, Hadiqa Kiani
Lyrics: Ayub Khawar
Composed By: Atif Aslam, Sarmad Ghafoor
Produced By: Sarmad Ghafoor

“Din Pareshaan Hay”

Vocals: Sajjad Ali
Lyrics: Sajjad Ali
Composed By: Sajjad Ali
Produced By: Baqir Abbas, Sajjad Ali

“Mumkin Hay”

Vocals: Ahmad Jahanzeb, Shuja Haider
Lyrics: Shoaib Mansoor
Composed By: Shoaib Mansoor
Produced By: Shuja Haider

All songs mixed and mastered by: Kashif Ejaz

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