ICU – Rebound (Single Review)

April 27, 2010

By Hasan Faridi

Say Pak-Pop-Punk 5 times aloud really fast, the genre you may describe when listening to Pakistani band ICU’s new released track entitled “Rebound”. The band ICU has hit the scene again after “Chuhay”, with their infectious, humorous and eccentric music.

You may think ICU comes from “I See You”, but supposedly it stands for non-stop partying and non-stop fun. You get the realisation when you listen to the talented band, which create positive tracks filled with energetic and upbeat music to bring fun and happiness through our nerves. The band consists of Adil on vocals and guitars, Umer also on vocals, Sarim on guitars, Ovais on bass and Sheroz on drums. These talented individuals form ICU, one of the most eccentric bands from Pakistan to reach our ears today.

The new single “Rebound” has been released alongside a well-directed video, which captures the real essence of the band. Starting with some excellent paced drumming by Sheroz, it drifts to punk-style lead guitars by rather Faraz Anwar lookalike Adil backed by great rhythm and bass from the fellow ICU’s. The vocals, catchy and humorous, may not get to the audience, but the backing music definitely does. After the head-nodding bridge, the guitar solo plays to perfection. It seems somehow that Faraz Anwar’s guitar lessons have rubbed off onto Adil (strangely, he has mixed the song too). Maybe it’s Faraz Anwar in disguise? Nah… But overall, the song is cheesy and catchy, but it’s strangely addictive and proves ICU are ahead of their game.

ICU have rocked the Base Rock Cafe in Karachi, performing alongside with other bands such as Half An Eye (recently on the Pakistan and India rock compilation) and Mob Rulz. They’ve also performed live on radio. Success is paving its way. But some listeners just don’t get the gist of their music.

The comical essence of the band makes them stand out, in this new single as well as their previous track “Chuhay” which was a rock rendition of a childhood nursery rhyme. Seeing some negative feedback regarding the song message and vocals, some say it’s just not good enough. But it’s people’s sense of humor that is not good enough. The song is positive, energetic and doesn’t have to have a meaning that can relate to every listener. Humor can also capture the heart.

ICU is a talented group and brings with it something positive and new in Pakistan’s music scene, a band to oppose the feeling of fear and violence. Let’s hope they can keep it up, surely this is only the beginning of their journey. Now where were we? Oh yes, saying Pak-Pop-Punk 5 times really fast…