Swaras: The Long-awaited Triumph

March 2, 2010


Sadaf Fayyaz

While having a small session with Asad Qizilbash (Vocalist/founder/composer) of band Swaras, he announced very animatedly about their debut song. “It is our great pleasure to let you all know that our debut song “Aag Kuch Aysi Lagi” has been selected to be a part of “Canadian Heritage” at “The National Library of Archives” in Ottawa Canada. We are very proud to achieve this honor as a Pakistan-Canadian band on our first composition.” Asad declares very excitedly.
“Swaras was formed in June 2009 in Toronto, Canada. The whole idea of our music is based on amalgamating “World Music” with eastern vocals which was never done before. Swaras’ first single “Aag Kuch Aysi Lagi” on Nov 27th during Eid-ul-Azha’s time through our website,

It was our first effort of making our dream a reality.” says Asad, who seemed quite thrilled on such an immense accomplishment of the band.

Upon asking a few more queries about their debut single, Asad gladly shares some lines on their song. “”Aag Kuch Aysi Lagi” is a great blend of classical eastern ghazal by Mrs. Shereen Gul Rana from her first book “Meray Sung Chalo” and western rock tunes with the fusion of world music through African Conga Drums. Hassan Bokhari has beautifully played and recorded all the guitars (rhythm, lead and bass).

So far the response is just overwhelming considering the age of Swaras, we are getting some great coverage and airtime on radio stations both in Pakistan and Canada as well as on “Radio Mirchi” in India. The support we received from our family and friends was just amazing, especially from Abbas Ali Khan who guided us on every step of the way.” Asad adds.

Intro About the Musicians:

Asad Q. (Lead vocalist/composer & founder of Swaras)

Asad is a student of eastern classical music, his Guru is ‘M. Munir Ahmad’(who is a student of Tufail Niazi, Hameed Sheikh (Ustad Barkat Ali Khan Sahib’s student) and Prof. Paramjeet Singh). Asad did his schooling from Aitchison College, has a degree in Computer Sciences from University of Central Punjab, and went to Schulich School of Business-York University in Canada for his further studies in Project Management. Currently he works for himself and run a small consulting firm in Toronto.

Hassan Bokhari (Lead guitarist/composer & backing vocals)

A multitalented musician who is playing guitars, drums and keyboards for the past 10 years, was in a heavy metal band call Insomnia in Islamabad. Currently in the final year of Electrical Engineering at University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) in Oshawa, and working for IBM Canada at the same time.

Upcoming for 2010:

For 2010 we have some great projects lined up for release. To give you a teaser I have provided the music for a short English film call “Celebrate” which is in its final editing phase right now. The music has a mystical feel to it with some eastern surprises. I have given the concept, direction and some “Alaap” for the music.

Also, we have three more tracks coming up by summer 2010 and a video which will be a total surprise to our fans. So stay tuned for the latest news through our website which is updated quite regularly.”

Message to Fans:

We love all of you and we need your full support to meet and exceed your expectations in our next music related projects as, without you we will be nothing.”