Strings wow Lahore audience with classic Pakistani pop

February 19, 2010

Strings duo Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood are currently going through the major cities of Pakistan as part of a concert tour. Having played a Valentine’s Day show for the Isloo crowd, Strings made their way to LUMS in Lahore on February 17, and sent an already keyed-up audience into absolute adrenaline-rushed mode.

While it is always fabulous to hear Strings sing – this particular performance was made even better by the fact that Bilal and Faisal sang a medley of pop songs by various Pakistani artists of yore.

If you love Strings, then just imagine them singing Nazia Hasan’s ‘Disco Dewane’ – and imagine how you would dance! And dance did the audience – one girl in particular, a student at LUMS, who was chosen by the band to come out of the audience and share stage space with them! The exhilarated girl could be seen saying, “Oh my god!” throughout her time on stage and this probably made the concert even more fun for the people there, to see one of their in the spotlight.

The medley had other musical gems as well: Reshma, Alamgir, Vital Signs, Junoon and Ali Azmat songs were part of the repertoire and had the crowd swaying, singing and dancing along.

Strings humbly admitted that these artists were the ones responsible for paving the way for future musical acts such as themselves and to see such humility from people so successful is always awe-inspiring; especially since Strings already paid homage to Pakistani greats in the ‘Titliyan’ video.

The night ended with the Jupiters’ ‘Yaaro Yehi Dosti Hai’ – classic Pakistani friendship anthem – which was the perfect song to play for an audience full of students.

Source: INSTEP today