Why was Aag Alive a Disaster by “Anonymous Musician”

December 18, 2009

This story has been shared by self-proclaimed unknown musician who was at Dubai/Sharjah for Aag Alive and was part of the performers-list but couldn’t perform. He writes in detail what really happened at Aag Alive. This story was shared by him at PakStop.

First hand info from a last hand artist at the show .

We reached in high spirit and how the promos show, to achieve showing of unity. At sound check, we were all pumped because bigness of stage and other works. We were not amongst the super superstars so we were not being paid to do this since it was the part of our album deal but it wasnt the money we were looking for. It was opportunity to just be valuable to share stage with all the greats of industry for a great cause. It was about to happen the next day. A concert never done in the history on Pakistan Aag hai to dikha do and all slogans were in our heart more than on tv. This concert was cancelled twice in Karachi and once in Lahore and finally it was about to happen. Their dream was to become reality, but it rained in Dubai like never before and once it again the show was cancelled/ postponed.
Why was question in everyones minds.
Anyway it was again rescheduled for Sunday (for fifth time) and who could believe that it would rain cats and dogs again that day and once again it was canceled/ postponed.
WHY! again was frustrated thought in alls mind. Is this show under jaadoo or what? This has probably never happened with any show in world, but then again what happens in Pakistan never happens anywhere else in world either.
Anyway finally it was shifted to Sharjah instead of beautiful Dubai and was done indoors with a 200 plus people (was supposed to be like was Woodstock with thousand people. It started around 9 and finished early morning. Some singers had left before and yes some who never sang because by that time there was not really anyone to listen since it was morning and everybody was too tired. But it might just look ok on tv. This was just a travel story. On our way back in the plan all we thought was about that why question. And after 2 days of thinking these are the reasons we were reached to

Reasons :
1) The concert had been jinxed throughout due to some bad omen. Who was that bad omen. Well according to what most discussed on coffee tables it was this one man who is notorious for his bad behaviors in the music industry aka Doctor Yazzdani. We all thought that in the presence of a devil nothing Godly could take place so God showered his rains.
2) Fire i.e Geo claims such high value system on tv , where as their true values are such that all musicians were put up in a pathetic hotel outside the city, singers/stars in a better one and Atif Aslam alone with his designer brother manager in a separate one. We were all given economy class tickets whereas Atif business class. This is what they practice when they preach unity and solidarity on tv. Musicians were told to get their own samaan for tea etc. and water while probably Atif was having lobsters and fish.
3) We were all told that no one is really charging anything and its for a cause whereas atif was paid in bundles. Yes may be he a star of nowadays but isnt showing solidarity more important than stardom.
4) Solidarity is taught very much during the Haj as I have been to Umra .Atif had just come from Haj, but for all these days that we spent in mystery ,he was not even seen anywhere. Finally when he came to perform at the concert he sang for almost 2 hours whereas everybody was given a slot of 20 30 minutes. Didnt he think for a second that there are my seniors sitting back stage whose time I am buying on just to show my worth. In fact it was not even his turn when he forced himself onto stage when he saw that Roxen had given a kick ass performance. When some artists were fighting on who will go first and who later Mustafa from Rozxn was brave enough to say that no worries I will go first and he went on stage and rocked it. He was the show stealer. When Atif saw this he became insecure and went and stood by the stage and surpassed Annies and Nooris entry and said I will go now or I will leave. This is a guy who just came from Haj. Is this what Islam teached. kisee ka haq maar laina sirf apna guroor dikhaanay kay liye? Hadiqa came on stage at 5 30 in the morning, whereas by the time shafqat amanat alis turn came it was sunrise and he refused to perform. If no one believe in my story anyone can talk to any artist and they will tell you how much ill feeling they all have towards atif because of his behavior where he thinks he is God and doesnt respect seniors or juniors and the line up of the show just to show that he can do whatever he wants because he was the biggest star there. But a bigger star is he who is most respected and right now he is the least respected in the community.

Now these were basic of the entire reason, but I know most people like myself could be blamed for showing only negative side and not the positive but I think it is about time that we accept our mistakes and reality and correct them for next time. And since most people come up with problems and no solutions so here is a list of solution from our side to the geo network;

Advice for Geo
1) it was a great initiative from your side, so is the record label but the touts like yazzdani , who is knows for his corruption, dishonesty and lies who completely destroy it for you. Get people who own respect in business to run for that business. He can give you argument face to face in numbers, but for once just ask the public( in this case which is the music community ) what he is all about and how he has manipulated struggling artists like us and may be even big ones. But may be the heads want a bad cop to carry their unfair policies.
2) Give equal respect to all musicians just because someone is more famous does not mean he is given different treatment.
3) Stop trying to show that you own us just by buying our rights and using your power against those not as powerful or resourceful to fight back.
4) Get proper experience event management company todo such big events and who know where to pick up and how to deliver food. I hope this letter makes difference in your minds artists treated well in future.

Aag tv naujawaano ka channel nahin naujawaanon ko zibah kernay ka channel!

Reason for not giving my name is that I dont want a big cooperation to destroy me. But I wrote this to make them realize and make a difference. Question is will they still defend or will they actually learn and make a difference for their sake and our sake.