Music in 2009: Comments from Mustafa Zahid, Abbas Ali Khan and Faiza Mujahid

December 25, 2009

Mustafa Zahid (Roxen): 2009 has been dull mainly because of the current situation in the country; adding agony to the pain is having unlimited news channels on the screen and less entertainment channel. How can someone switch to a music channel and look at what’s coming now when a bomb’s been blasted every fortnight? The sad truth is that entertainment has gone down big time in 2009. We did Bujh Hai Gaya as Roxen and Khuda Kay Liyay as my solo project, but overall things have been rough for everyone.¬†Eye catcher, or shall I say ear catcher, for me in 2009 was Hadiqa‘s song with her brother Irfan on her album Jab Say Tum Gai; brilliant song. 2009 made me an Ali Zafar fan too, finally, with his effort in Coke Studio, especially Yaar Dadhi.

Faiza Mujahid: I think there was nothing good about 2009 productively, except for Coke Studio, and I think ’09 was a hard time for all the musicians in Pakistan. I loved Coke Studio (session 2). And there wasn’t anything to dislike, as very few people released their albums or songs. I loved Atif Aslam’s songs in Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. It’s amazing how in such times he isn’t affected by the recession, mashAllah. Everyone needs luck like him! 2010 will be my year hopefully, inshAllah!

Abbas Ali Khan: Whatever music came out in 2009 was basically neglected and overshadowed by the news channels, thanks to the security situation in the country. Whatever music I could see and hear was ok, nothing great. Some good albums which came out were from MHB, Overload, and Shiraz Uppal (and of course John Mayer). I only released one track on TV and Internet. The response was overwhelming. The track was a tribute song from drama serial Dhoop Kinare called Raat Yun Dil Mein Teri. In 2010, I plan to release more videos, do more classical and fusion concerts, and as a parallel project I’m planning to release an album based on ghazals and nazams.

Source: US Magzine