Koolmuzone Music Blockbusters of 2009: Top 5 Upcoming Artists

December 29, 2009


Sadaf Fayyaz

1. Bachana (Bilal Khan)

With almost 65, 000 plus views and 196 ratings of the song on You Tube. The LUMS guy deserves first ranking with his hit single. He writes, composes and sings his songs himself, with lot of melancholy in his songs. The fresh talent is not bound to red tape limitations; Bilal proves it by hitting on You Tube, with his deep and mesmerizing song.

2. Chue Chue ( Zain ul Abideen)

Simple words like awesome song, awesome vocals, awesome video, awesome music and awesome lyrics define new talent Zain as one of the top five debuts.

3. Mein Chala (Nouman Javaid)

With a song for Bollywood Film Jashan, Nouman delivers his moaning and powerful vocals with very soft guitar touches in the song. The deep grief and sad touch goes well with the lyrics.

4. Maan Lo (Zohaib kazi featuring Zara Madani & Naad e Ali)

After a long time, it’s a brilliant attempt to some soulful music.

5. Tanha (Qayaas)

With the video of song “Tanha”, Qayaas has really done a good job. The song has more instrumentation with a dark touch to it. With higher tempos added afterwards, Tanha turns out to be a heavy rocking hit with strong riffs and drums. Umeed is a comparatively lighter track.