Koolmuzone Music Blockbusters of 2009: Top 5 Albums

December 29, 2009


Sadaf Fayyaz

1. Aasmaan (Hadiqa Kiani)

After almost six years, Hadiqa returns to the spotlight with Aasmaan. The album comprises songs in Pashtu, Punjabi, Persian and Urdu. Her multilingual singing is merged with her pop style and music genre. Some of the grooviest numbers from the album are “Sohniya”, ”Janan”, “Tuk Tuk” and “Az Chashme Saqi”.

2. Umeed-e-Sahar (Laal)

With striking poetry of Faiz, Faraz and Jalib, Laal has really done an awe-inspiring job this time. The music sounds a bit revolutionary kind besides being melodic. With “Umeed -e-Sahar” being the title song of the album, some other heart touching tracks are “Jagoo”, “Sadaa”, “Kal Aaj Aur Kal” and “Mene Us se Yeh Kahaa”.

3. Pichal Pairee (Overload)

Meera Rahman’s transition from a model to a vocalist reflects in the second album of Overload. The instrumental and psychedelic genre of music makes it a mesmerizing sensation. The album comprises tracks like “Dig”, “Saat Mein”, ”Vichar Gai”, ‘Pichal Pairee”, “Amjad Khan”, “One Mile High”, “Kaykra”, “Mela Kariye”, and “Dhol Bajay Ga”. Pichal Pairee is and inimitable and experimental piece of work by Overload radiantly produced by Farhad and mastered by Shahi Hasan.

4. Saptak (Mekaal Hasan Band)

The best fusion of East and West is depicted in Saptak. With mystical works of Bulleh Shah, Shah Hussain and Amrita Pretam, the second album encompasses inspirational music for new the generation. The rich blending of eastern and western streams adds sumptuousness to the album, which obviously involves a deeper in-depth understanding of both the streams very elegantly. The most fascinating tracks from the album include “Chal Bulleya”, “Jhok Ranjhan”, “Waris Shah” and “Bandeya”. The album is a mere combination of seamless Sufi mystic with rhythms of rock.

5. Kohram (Amanat Ali)

After Sa Re Ga Ma, the journey of the young singer continues with Kohram. With an incredibly prevailing voice and haunting vocals, Kohram stands at number fifth, with some of the fascinating tracks like “Kohram”, “Rab Janey”, “Thumri”, “Halka Halka” and “Raha Jaye Na”.