Fire Claims “Multiple Album Releases” Each Week in 2010

December 22, 2009

Dr Akbar Yezdani, COO Fire Records, has just made an unbelievable claim on our Facebook page stating that almost 60 albums will be released by Fire Records in the year 2010, 19 of which will be released in the first 4 months, schedule of which will be posted soon after the new year. He also stated that they have planned to release over 80 albums in 2011.

He has already shared the schedule for January which includes 3 major releases including Mauj, Kaavish and Nida Arab. The claim sounds unbelievable because year 2009 hasn’t been a very great year for albums and some major artists of the industry have went independent or even free.

According to the claim, 5 albums per month will come out which means more than one album per week. This also means, production of over thousand songs and at least 100 video releases.

If the claims are true and Fire has such massive plans for 2010, this is going to change the history of Pakistani music industry and the underground artists should already be prepared to send their demos to Fire Records. However, I certainly believe that Fire has to re-look into their contracts before making so many deals or the wave to change the music industry could even turn out to be disastrous.