Report Results: Should Fire Records Leave Coke Studio Alone?

September 30, 2009

We recently published an article on how fire records is trying to claim rights on coke studio content. We concluded the article saying, hypothetically, Fire Records is the composition rights owner of some of the content, but is it playing fair in ethical terms? We asked these questions to you in the form of a survey, which has been concluded today. To remove biases and to spread the word, we took support of other portals to present the survey to their audience, so better results may be compiled. I thank Alam and Danish for being kind enough to help me out with this.

Logically, Fire Records has all the composition rights. It’s beneficial for their business to claim rights on each and every content that they have “bought”. So, if we think Fire Records isn’t making efforts for music but being greedy, we need to realize it’s running for business and not for betterment of music. I don’t blame Fire Records for claiming rights on the content they have “paid for”. Musicians are at fault here for selling their composition rights. I am sure musicians do respect Mr. Rohail Hyatt and would care to listen to his words about it. They are allowing the record labels to act “only” as business firms and not the firms for the betterment of music. In the end, it’s the audience that gets hurt when they even have trouble downloading the “free content” just because musicians had sold the composition way before.

The survey was filled over 250 times. The survey report speaks about how audience want things:

Who should have the composition rights?

Musician (93.55 %)

Record Labels (6.45 %)

Would you like Cokestudio the way frequency media presented it (Free high quality Mp3s, videos, viewer’s friendly broadcast) or would you rather prefer the Fire version of it?

Frequency Media (90.43 %)

Fire Records (9.47 %)

Do you think that Fire Records should meddle in the cokestudio and change it the way they want, being the right owners?

Yes (12.43 %)

No (87.57 %)

Do you think Fire Records is gaining popularity or losing loyalty?

Gaining Popularity (23.78 %)

Losing Loyalty (76.22 %)

Should Fire Records leave Cokestudio alone?

Yes (84.95 %)

No (15.05 %)

Would you pay for Cokestudio if it becomes paid content?

Yes, it’s worth it (50.27 %)

No, but it’s worth it (31.55 %)

No (18.18 %)

Who should get that money?

Record labels should pay musicians per sale, on basis of royalty. (93.01 %)

Record labels should pay upfront once and keep the rest of the money. (6.99 %)