Overload are all set to release their new record, Pichal Pairee in Europe and Pakistan

July 17, 2009

OverloadMaheen Sabeeh

The men of percussion are making a comeback after their phenomenal self-titled debut album. It’s been over two years since one heard a new record from the band and the wait might be worthwhile after all. After the instrumental debut, Overload’s upcoming record will be called Pichal Pairee. If you think the name is strange, that’s pretty accurate. But it’s also incredibly intriguing.

More interesting is the fact that this album will not release with any major record label but via Riot Records – which is Farhad Humayun’s label.

According to Overload drummer Farhad Humayun, “For Pakistan we’ll either release the album on our website and publish some CDs on Riot Records. Riot Records is my label for artists who don’t accept being pushed over!”

As for promoting the album, Farhad says, “We’re funding all recordings, videos and promotions ourselves.”

The album will release in Europe at the Oslo Festival on August 14. The record will then release in Pakistan once Overload wrap up their Scandinavian tour.

But before the album releases, teasers will be seen in forms of videos that the band is planning on releasing from early next month. Among the videos is one for the title track ‘Pichal Pairee’ which has been directed by two NCA students, Khizer and Hassaan.

Farhad himself has also taken the role of director for two more Overload videos – ‘Saath Mein’ and ‘Mela Kariyay’.

As for the record, there are quite a few changes in the line-up and in the overall sound of the band. For one thing, they’ve added vocals. Currently Overload includes Farhad Humayun (drums and percussion), Sheraz Siddiq (keyboards and synthesizers), Mahmood Rehman (guitars), Meesha (vocals) and Nasir Sain (dhol). Meesha will not just sing in English but also in Punjabi on this record. As for those who are still wondering where Pappu Saieen is, the answer is… not with the band.

“Pappu Saieen doesn’t play with us. It’s been over two years. Pappu had severe health problems and couldn’t travel. That’s just one of his issues. Overload has much more to offer than just dhol, which people are free to experience at the shrine where he plays alongside Jhoora Saieen,” says Farhad.

“Nasir Sain and Kaala Sain have been doing dhols with us ever since and we have a bigger following than we ever did with Pappu. Nasir is young, more energetic, a kick ass performer and a better musician who allows others to play their part on stage and in the studio,” concludes Farhad.

The timing of this album is surely interesting. With no records from Ali Azmat, Shehzad Roy, Strings, Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan – the time is ripe for younger acts to step in place. And Overload is a mighty name to follow.

Farhad Humayun and his crew realize that the market for instrumental music is small. But Overload have managed it because of their fiery live shows. With this album and the entry of Meesha on vocals, the band will have more room to play around and a bigger following to boot. Overload are not planning on singing in just English.

Overload may have moved on from Pappu Saieen but the band is threatening an interesting return. More instruments, a vocalist and very funky videos, Overload have never disappointed us. So until the album releases, we will wait.