The Internet comes alive with the resounding cheer ‘Pakistan Zindabad!’

The Internet comes alive with the resounding cheer ‘Pakistan Zindabad!’

Social networking website Facebook and microblogging website Twitter were chock-full of celebratory messages. PakCricket became one of the top 10 topics being talked about on Twitter on Sunday night – a feat that was accomplished by the dedicated souls who shared running updates and commentary on the match online – and Facebook was a veritable sea of green as countless Pakistanis changed their display pictures to those of Shahid Afridi or the Pakistani flag. Instep Today takes a view of what Pakistani celebrities were posting away…

RohailHaniya AslamKamiar Rokni

Rohail Hyatt: We did it ­čśÇ

Haniya Aslam: Pakis rule!

Faisal Rafi is so happy to see everyone out and celebrating, one of the best days ever, may the green fly high and mighty for all eternity, PAKISTAN RULZ

Kamiar Rokni: (before the match) Methinks it’s a bit rude to beat Sri Lanka….no? (after the match) Fanfracintastic!!!!!! Afridi I am yours!!!!!!!

Adnan MalikSelina RashidAndleebAdnan Pardesy

Shandana Minhas is floating a new word… Afridisiac: noun. a food, drug, person or other agent that arouses passion. see also Afridisiacal: adjective.

Adnan Malik is pleased with Younis Khan’s captaincy. Finally, something Pakistani, in the hands of a capable leader!”

Selina Rashid: We salute you Team Pakistan for performing with poise and grace. Pakistan ka matlab kya? Jeetay Ga Bhai Jeetay Ga. Har Maidan Mein, Har Toofan Mein, Har Mushkil Mein…

Mosharraf Zaidi still can’t believe it. Still can’t believe it. Existential threat go to hell. Eat my Sea of Green world! Eat my Sea of Green!

Andleeb Rana Farhan is loving her Indian friends status updates where they are cursing our cricket team! Hehehehe, its ok guys… we know it hurts… we know you are upset… we know you want to cry… but hey, please remember WE ARE YOUR DADDY!!!!

Andleeb has never loved a Monday so much!!! All official emails received have ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ as a sign-off; all callers say ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ as a bye: and most importantly…. I break a traffic signal and the traffic police guy actually smiles and lets me go!!! I am loving it!!!

Adnan Pardesy: What a morning Karachites greeting each other with smiles on a Monday!!!!! Pakistan is amazing!!!

Deepak PerwaniSanam AghaOmar Bilal

Deepak Perwani: Boom Boom Afridi!!!! Pathan power rocks!

Sanam Agha: Go Pakistan cricket team 20 20 world champions! Woooohoooo.

Omar Bilal Akhtar: Stand up for the champions.