Natasha Ejaz – Alone on a Two-seater, Today is a Place, Chehra


Natasha Ejaz

Natasha Ejaz is also the lead vocalist of Rocklite, a band by Rizwan-Ul-Haq an ex-member of Vital Signs.


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Natasha Ejaz is a 21 year old aspiring musician from Islamabad.Music has always been a part of her life as of late, singing has been accompanied vehemently with a desire, need almost, to write and compose music as well. She has a great affinity with acoustic music and guitar playing, her favorite musicians including CSNY, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell etc. She owns two beautiful guitars that she fondly interchanges according to the sound she wants for different songs at gigs: a Nylon String Classical Acoustic Guitar & a Steel String Fender Resonator. Over the years, she has played many sponsored and unsponsored gigs around Islamabad performing covers of some of her favourite songs such as Hit The Road Jack, Man in the Mirror, Needle and the Damage Done, Paper Bag etc. As of late, her set lists have begun to include oringial songs that she had yet been too afraid to release. In 2009 she started her latest project, Rocklite, as a lead vocalist for band members Allan Smith on Drums; Rizwan-ul-Haq on Lead and Rythm Guitar; Imran Hanan on Bass and Pietro Tieli on Keyboards. Along with an album that is soon underway with Rocklite, Natasha is looking forward to collaborations with other musicians as well. Another thing she looks forward to is a seperate album dedicated to her love for acoustic-based, lyric centric music.