Noori, the band with a concept

March 28, 2009

nooriNoori, at present is a two member band by the brothers Ali Noor and Ali Hamza. Initially when it started the band consisted of four members including Louis J Pinto (AKA Gumby) and Ali Jafri apart from the brothers. The name Noori is not derived from Ali Noor. Noori is a Persian word which means “light” and the concept behind the band was the light which shows you things with a different perspective. Noori’s songs are about young people.

Noori started 7 years before their first album “Suno Ke Main Hun Jawan” which came in 2003. Before Noori, Ali Noor worked with Co-VEN and released an album called “Not in your world“. Noori has been famous for their live acts. Their second album was released in 2005.

That was a bit background of Noori for all those who weren’t much aware of the band. Now, coming to the point why would I call Noori a band with a concept. Ep (Entity Paradigm) was the first Pakistani band to make a conceptual album with a story line. Noori, however is a band which didn’t only make their albums conceptual and on storylines but they made their 5 albums with different story lines which altogether makes a storyline. So, the band has decided their discography to be story based. The name of their albums have also been different than the usual and were unique in sense of wordings. Ali Noor is a lawyer and he gives a lot of importance to words.

Their first album “Suno Ke Main Hun Jawan” was about youth, their innocence, their dreams and how they feel about life. The second album called “Peeli Pati Aur Raja Jani Ki Gol Duniya” continued the story of a youngster who is suffering for his innocence now. He is hopeful in the start and then travels through bitter experiences when he gets hit by the realities of life and ends up with resigned despair, peppered with taunts. It deals with variety of issues like drugs and apathy. Their most intresting album from these five would be the third album named “Begum Gul Baqoli Sarfarosh” and would have true Noori songs which would portray what Noori is all about and what Noori truly is. It tells how he faces those bitter challenges and doesn’t run away or give up. This album would feature some eastern music too. The song “Mujhay Roko” is basically from their third album. Noori never talked about the other two albums but their songs, concepts and names have already been made and decided. I am really excited to listen to their upcoming album which will be released this year soon and I am even more excited to know the concepts of the other two albums.

Rock on Noori.