Khiza Signed Omer Nadeem For His Own Label

February 21, 2009

Source: PMRStudios

By Sohaib Shah

The name Omer Nadeem may not ring too many bells among the larger audience, but the fact of the matter is that this guy has been around long enough to work with some of the major music acts of Pakistan these days including Atif Aslam. Although fame has eluded him from time to time he is now ready to expose his real talent and take the level up a notch. It was when he was 12 that his interest in music began to increase.

He was friends with Haider Haleem at the time (Now lead guitarist for Roxen) and Goher Mumtaz (Jal) would come to Haider’s place to give him guitar lessons. In such circumstances Omer was, more or less, a self taught guitarist, his own passion driving him to observe and learn what he can by himself.
This was where the band Jal was born, right before the very eyes of Omer Nadeem, as Atif was invited by Goher at Haider Haleem’s place so that the four of them would Jam together and compose music.
Thus Omer Nadeem was part of the official line up of Jal in 2001 playing bass for them. The much famous controversy occurred then between Atif and Goher where ways were parted and Omer started playing lead guitars for Atif in concerts.
It was an open war between Jal and Atif in which Omer Nadeem was silently caught up. He even got an offer from Goher Mumtaz to be the vocalist of Jal, which he refused, due to such high scale of the controversy existing between the two performers and the uncertainty of who is right and who is wrong.
Eventually Jal found a new voice, Farhan, and Omer left Atif Aslam with Haider to start their own band ‘Sifaar’ which started off with their debut song ‘Hadh’ released on 21st September 2004. The song was recorded in Mekaal Hasan Studios with Salman Albert playing drums and acoustic guitars and Mekaal Hasan also playing some lead guitar parts. It got a great response over the internet and was a hit. Along with Sifaar, Omer and Haider also started helping Roxen out, as the vocalist Mustafa Zahid contacted these two young talents through Atif Aslam and asked for their help. Omer Nadeem composed 5 songs for Roxen during that time which are: Chaltay Rahay (Which was formally owned by Sifaar), Jag chor dya, Aaj, Tu Phir Aao and Sapnay.  After their album was complete Haider Haleem joined Roxen officially and informed Omer that he will be working for both the bands (Roxen and Sifaar).  Unfortunately that never happened as Haider got busy with Roxen and his priorities laid bare while Sifaar could not progress. After this incident Omer decided to keep going as a solo artist.

Roxen went on to release their first album which included all the songs Omer had composed for them. Roxen was a great hit and Omer Nadeem had a huge hand in Roxen’s success, but he was not duely credited for his compositions by name.
With 7 years gone, Omer Nadeem is still making his way up towards glory with work on his first album about to start,While people may doubt Omer Nadeem as he has never been in the limelight, his experience speaks for itself. He has performed live with Jal, Atif Aslam (in front of a crowd of as much as 30,000) and Roxen separately, including for his own band.
Playing bass guitar for Jal, lead guitars for Atif Aslam, even drums for Roxen in concerts and singing for his own band, this guy seems to be a musical prodigy only waiting to be revealed.

Now recently Khiza announced in Live Interview With Dino on fm-91 that he has signed Omer Nadeem for his label. So, Download That Interview For Some More Exclusive Interviews Now