Gunaah – Axaab

February 17, 2009


About Gunaah

The Devils! The Rebels! The Freedom Fighters! The Gunehgaars! minds that wants to scream the truth! Lords who wants to kick the dirty symbols from thier country! Who wants to yell out loud. The loud that one can not bear. bodies that are not afraid of their nations’ government – who are ready to scatter into pieces – because they have the power to make them feel the reality … make them see the truth. their words are thier thoughts – their music speaks their feelings – their art depicts their messages. they know they can bring the revolution. they know they can be the next word of truth and bitter reality. That everyone will have to accept – to see and to feel ! they are ready to give out a new generation that will rebuild the world – the country. thier people will have freedom – they will have expression. they desire freedom. freedom forever.

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Band Members: Hassan Sarwar – Vocals, Zain Kazmi – Lead Guitars, Bilal Ahmad – Rhythm Guitars, Yasir – Bass, Qumby – Drums.

Influences: System of a Down, Nirvana, Dream Theater, Guns’N’Roses, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Korn, Noori, Mizraab, Mekaal Hasan Band.

Sounds Like: System of a Down, Noori, Nirvana.

Record Label: Unsigned

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