Alamgir on dialysis

February 26, 2009

Alamgir on Dialysis

In 2004, Alamgir was diagnosed with polycystic kidneys inherited from his mother. In the initial stage he was advised by the doctor to see a kidney specialist and was put on a special diet and medication. His condition worsened and last August he was rushed to the hospital for immediate surgery to start kidney dialysis. Now he has dialysis regularly thrice a week.
“Some days it will be painful with cramps in my legs, while on other days it will be fine. I have to go to the Medical Centre three days a week, lie down for a couple of hours and it’s done. In fact I take my ghazal copy to rehearse in my mind, or other books to read or sometimes just take a nap,” said Alamgir.

A week later, he had a second surgery. “Since the dialysis cannot go on with ‘permacath’ for more than a few months, I needed a second surgery called ‘fistula surgery’. The surgery on my left arm was successful but it will take about three months before dialysis can start from my fistula. The permacath on my chest near my heart will be removed and dialysis with the fistula will begin. If all goes well, in about six months, Alamgir may be able to travel and perform.”

Source: DAWN.COM | Images | Lost icons, lost cause