Neer Bharan – Zara Madani, Coke Studio Season 6 Episode 3

Neer Bharan - Zara Madani

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Zara Madani


Muazzam Ali Khan


Neer Bharan

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Finding the union of eastern classical inspiration and deep, encompassing electronic vibes is Zara Madani’s ‘Neer Bharan’. The song is the product of an experiment that took the pattern of an electronic track and placed the layers of an age old classically based bandish within the fold to create a story that’s almost cinematic. With the elements of Teen Taal, the song finds its driving inspiration in the nighttime raag Baageshri stirring up a feeling of dark, delicate longing. The song in its carnal nature is a whirlwind of female sensuality and haunting temptation. The wordings derive from folklore of the subcontinent painting the moment of yearning set against the backdrop of the night’s enchantment. As the lyrics flow, the song’s progression is almost prowling in its search for the song’s object of obsession – the alluring peeve Nand Laal – a character thematically portrayed in the vocals of Muazzam Ali Khan towards the song’s resolution. A song that has an almost theatrical feel in its tale, the Eastern chant like rhythm is brought to life with the constant electronic groove by the Serbian house band and the percussive elements of the Dhol while the String Orchestra encircles the storm layering the depths of human angst in the face of Separation. read more

Coke Studio opens Season Six with ‘Jogi’

October 21, 2013
Fariha Pervez - Jogi

Coke Studio opens Season 6 with Jogi by Fariha Pervez

Coke Studio introduced Season Six’s diverse flavours and elements with ‘Jogi‘, a song that brings the funk and groove of Western Brass elements to Qawwali. Aired on October 20th 2013, ‘Jogi’ is the first single to be released from the Coke Studio Season 6 platform. With vocals by Fariha Pervez in collaboration with Muazzam Ali Khan, ‘Jogi’ further features the contributions of a Serbian House Band, bringing to the mix the jazz and reggae feels of Western instrumentation alongside a Brass section and a String Orchestra from Serbia, complemented by the Coke Studio Dhol group providing the essential Punjabi Folk element to the track.

Coke Studio 6: Launch and Expectations

Umair Jaswal, Atif Aslam, Ayesha Omar, Zoe Viccaji and Sikandar Mufti

Coke Studio Season 6 - Artists

Finally after many ifs and buts, and a considerable amount of delay from its usual time slot, Coke Studio Season 6 once again returns with a promise to hit back even harder.

Last year there were even rumours that Coke Studio might not be happening at all but it was only 2 weeks ago when it got confirmed as the ‘press conference-cum-launch event’ for the season 6 was announced through invites to media fraternity.

Coke Studio Season 6 [Complete Artist List]

Coke Studio Season 6 Artists

Coke Studio Season 6 Launch

Coca-Cola Pakistan proudly announces the return of Pakistan’s most anticipated music platform, Coke Studio, at an acclaimed press conference where as sixth season of exciting talent, diverse musical influences and dynamic performances will be aired October 2013.

This years’ Coke Studio voyage will witness a fusion of Eastern, Western and regionally inspired music for which the platform has come to be renowned. However, this season goes deeper in its journey, exploring the international heritage of popular local music genres, tracing these global influences that have left an indelible impact on Pakistan’s national and cultural musical identity. To that end, Coke Studio’s cross-genre Pakistani musical talent will be joined by international musicians trained in both contemporary, and traditional instrumentation.

Zohaib Kazi – Butterfly In Space (EP Review)

By Hasan Faridi

Zohaib Kazi is a Pakistani artist who extracts elements from modern Western influences and blends them with mystical and appealing Eastern music. This compilation of sounds has earned a new genre name. It’s called ‘Ambient Electronica South Asia’. It’s not common, but it’s certainly one of a kind.

Recently, Zohaib released his EP “Butterfly In Space”, that features six tracks that bring this interesting genre to life.