Bilal Lashari’s Waar To Release This Eid ul Fitr

June 24, 2013
Bilal Lashari's Waar To Release This Eid ul Fitr 2013

Bilal Lashari's Waar To Release This Eid ul Fitr 2013So finally the wait is almost over. One of the most anticipated movies in the history of Pakistani cinema is going to hit the theatres very soon. Waar, whose first look promo was released about 2 years back, had to face a lot of difficulties in its post-production phases that resulted in numerous delays in the release of this movie. Towards the closing they had some serious budget issues owing to the magnitude of this mega project.

Ali Azmat & Meesha Shafi Will Be Singing in Bilal Lashari’s ‘Waar’

August 7, 2011

Earlier we reported that Ali Azmat and Meesha Shafi will be making their acting debut in Pakistan’s most expensive film called ‘Waar‘. Directed by Bilal Lashari, ‘Waar’ (to strike) is an action/thriller and drama film.

But that’s not all. According to Ali Azmat’s official facebook page,

“He (Ali Azmat) will not only be acting in the movie but he`ll also be singing along with Meesha Shafi.”

Ali Azmat & Meesha Shafi To Star In Pakistani Film ‘Waar’

July 18, 2011

This year, Atif Aslam made his acting debut with Shoaib Mansoor‘s ‘Bol‘ and received mixed to negative reviews for his work from both the critics and the masses. Now two more popular Pakistani singers are going to make their mark in acting.

Pakistani rock icon Ali Azmat and model turned singer Meesha Shafi will be making their acting debut in Bilal Lashari‘s first full-length feature film Waar (to strike) which is an action/thriller and drama film, written by Hassan Waqas Rana.

Pakistan’s Most Anticipated Film – Bilal Lashari’s ‘Waar’ (150 BTS Pictures)

March 26, 2011

Earlier in 2010, we reported that Hollywood producers are auditioning for film actors in Islamabad for a high-profile Hollywood/Lollywood collaborative project. The director of the project, Bilal Lashari has shot his first full-length feature film called Waar. The film was always a sole MindWorks Media production and was not associated with the ISPR at all. Same goes for the deal with Warner Brothers. The Producers have talked to Hunt Lowry, producer of “Donnie Darko” and Warner Bros.’s smash hit “A Walk to Remember”, there’s no point denying that but no deal has been made with Warner Brothers yet.

Qayaas Giving Soundtracks for Shaan’s Film Directed by Lashari

December 27, 2010

Qayaas - Mera Wana

Qayaas will be giving away three songs in a film directed by Bilal Lashari and starring Shaan. This will be one of it’s kind project as it will be first complete feature film by Lashari who has previously only directed music videos and short films.

Lashari on shooting for the film said

Directed Shaan today. The man is brilliance.

The presence of Qayaas in the film makes the project sound even more interesting. Khurram Waqar, the lead guitarist, of the band put his excitement in words by saying

Hollywood is Here, Are You Ready for Auditions?

February 2, 2010

Tom Delmar a Hollywood director who has directed titles like Braveheart, Snatch, Starwars and Shooter is here  for a Project called “Waar” the strike in cooperation with Mindworks Media led by Umar Tariq (UT) and Umair Jaswal.

The preliminary auditions are open.

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