Zeb and Haniya Working on Two Albums Simultaneously

September 12, 2012

By Ahmad Uzair

There is a good news for all Zeb and Haniya fans as they recently revealed in an interview that they are not only engaging themselves for an EP release, but also working on a new album. This will be a separate project from their EP, which is in the post production phase and is currently being mixed to be released later at the end of this year. This new album of theirs is said to be based upon collaborations and most importantly will be featuring their friend artists from across the border, India.

Zeb & Haniya’s EP Comes Out This December!

October 24, 2011

Though release dates are always extremely unpredictable, Haniya has finally set December as the deadline for the release of the EP which was earlier expected to come out in the fall. If you’re unsure of what EP we are talking about here, Zeb & Haniya are brewing a five to seven track EP with the True Brew Records of Jamal Rahman.

Zeb and Haniya defined their upcoming project as “expressions from within“. If you’re curious about what does that mean, the first album of the duo consisted of mostly covers based on the old folk songs, but with the upcoming EP, you should be expecting more original music that defines how the duo really feels.

Zeb and Haniya: Live music is a problem in Pakistan

MTV India‘s new music show called “MTV Roots” is a weekly show featuring artists/bands of South Asian origin from around the world. The launch episode of MTV Roots featured music videos of various South Asian artists including Mekaal Hasan Band. The main idea behind the show is to promote the bands of South Asia that are not so popular in India.

Zeb and Haniya who is soon going to be seen on MTV Roots, on the World Music Day, had a chat with their fans on MTV India’s twitter.

For all those who missed this fun-filled interaction, here are the excerpts:

Q: Which Indian artist do you listen to?

Haniya: “I’ve listen to a lot of Indian music. R.D. Burman, S.D. Burman, Madan Mohan right upto Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy!”

Zeb and Haniya Working on Second Studio Album (Pictures)

As we reported earlier, Zeb and Haniya have indeed signed on with TrueBrew Records. Zeb and Haniya posted the reasons why they have joined this record label, on their website.

“It’s important for artists to be comfortable when they’re recording, so the right kind of sound and flavor can be created – these guys help us do exactly that. Style, aesthetics and the feel-good ambiance… those are just some of the ingredients which will let the world continue to love our sound. Our association with TrueBrew Records started back in January.”

Here’s a photograph of Jamal Rahman, who is working with Zeb and Haniya on the album, along with photographs of Zeb and Haniya at the Studio!