Omar Farooq – Beautiful (Audio / Video)

Omar Farooq - Beautiful

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Artist: Omar Farooq

Song: Beautiful

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Omar Farooq, previously known as ‘The Sunman‘, is releasing his first music video for a song called ‘Beautiful’. The song tries to highlight the reality that Pakistan is a wonderful place that has been largely neglected by its people. Amidst soothing organs, exciting bells and an upbeat melody, the song attempts to lift ones spirits and give them new hope, as life has to go on as normal.

Sunman – I’ve Got Soul (Download Audio)

December 10, 2011
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Sunman – I’ve Got Soul (Download Audio)

Artist: Sunman

Song: I’ve Got Soul

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Info: Playing the guitar and singing since the age of ten, sunman now 28, can play guitar, piano, cello, violin percussion and sings. Sunman also writes his own lyrics and composes his own tracks, he really is a one man band. His philosophy of life and music is to touch on those frequencies through sounds, words and vocals that inspire people to reflect, perhaps take a step back, a moment to consider. If his music achieves this, then his goal is complete. ‘I’ve got soul’ is a song written about a passive – aggressive person and how relationships are based on understanding and communication. Without that there is a break down of the relationship.