Up next: Jarar Malik makes a video with Haroon

September 3, 2013
Jarar Malik & Haroon - Burka Avenger

Jarar Malik & Haroon - Burka AvengerEmerged on the local music board after the parody of Faraz Anwar’s version of Dil Dil Pakistan; Jarar grabbed the attention of many by his first original flick with Ufone Uth Records with his song Bewafa. His debut music video Jaag was nominated as Song of the Year in Lux Style awards and his contribution was one of the favorite performances of the producer Farhad Humayun in Pepsi Smash.

And we already know that soon, the fans of the Pakiwood music will be able to watch Jarar Malik and Adil Omar together in a Stoneage sponsored video titled Saza.

Let us break the news egg now!

Aamir Zaki’s New Album Due Coming Month, Inks A Deal With Stoneage

June 22, 2013

Aamir Zaki's New Album Due Coming Month

Aamir Zaki, the guitar maestro who needs no introduction is once again making a comeback on to the music scene with an album that has been in the production phase for a long time but is expected to finally see the light of the day very soon.

Aamir Zaki is one of those musical prodigies that started playing musical instruments at a very young age because of their true love for music and art.

Bumbu Sauce – My Punjabi Love for you (Launch Event Photos)

April 18, 2013

Adnan Malik & Saqib MalikKarachi, April 18, 2013: Lux Style Award’s winner in the category of best music video director, Adnan Malik teamed up with the best emerging talent in the music category, Bumbu Sauce to produce the cracking adrenaline–pumped music video “My Punjabi Love for you”. The video premier attended by energetic crowd also marked the launch of AMP, A Boutique Media Production House”.

‘My Punjabi Love for you’ is an evocative and propulsive experimental music video/experimental film hybrid, which tells a story of a young rural wife who attempts to overcome the challenges faced by independent women in a male dominated society.

Inspired by the raw and grungy sound of the track, “My Punjabi Love For You” by Bumbu Sauce, the winners of Lux Style Award’s Best Emerging Artist 2012, the video propels you into the world of its female protagonist and her troubled relationship with men and society.

Red Bull Collective Art – A benchmark in digital art!

March 7, 2013

Walnut Media is proud to present a collaboration with Red Bull for their initiative for Red Bull Collective Art. Along with Adobe, Stoneage and FM89, this is Red Bull’s initiative to create a unique piece of art featuring the biggest digital canvas in the world!

Red Bull Collective Art allows contributors from Pakistan and worldwide the chance to create a unique piece of art.

In partnership with Adobe, Stoneage, Walnut Media and City FM89, Red Bull Collective Art takes the principle of ‘Cadavre exquís’ and brings it into the digital age. Within a period of two weeks, Red Bull Collective Art will allow contributors from Pakistan and across the world to participate in the creative process, the end product being an unparalleled piece of art on an international scale. Red Bull Coll