Shanaakht Festival (Review)

November 16, 2009

Shanaakht Festival concludes with a fiery concert featuring Noori, Laal,
ADP, Fuzon and Taal Karisma

Abid Hussain

DSC0337As deafening noise emanated from the auditorium at the end of ‘Raag and Roll Concert’, the concluding event of Shanaakht Festival truly brought the house down with some fabulous music played to the full house, which thoroughly enjoyed the four hour spectacle.

With passes running out as early as 10 am on the last day of the festival and waiting list running well into hundreds, it was evident that the event was clearly the hottest ticket in town.

Newsline Interview: Omar Bilal Akhtar on Shanaakht Festival

November 9, 2009

Celebrating the Pakistani identity, as well as our culture, heritage and history, Shanaakht 2009 aims to bring together ordinary citizens and give them something to celebrate. And that’s not all: entry is free for everyone.

Newsline talks to Omar Bilal Akhtar, the vocalist/guitarist for Aunty Disco Project, about the band’s performance on November 11, 2009.

OBATell us about the event, Raag and Roll.

Raag and Roll is a collective musical performance featuring some of the best in Pakistani music sharing the same stage. We’ve got some very diverse and exciting acts, we’ve got the pop-classical mix of Fuzon, the classical-world music rhythms of Taal Karisma, the pop-rock of Noori and, Aunty Disco Project (ADP) and Laal with their brand of political music. I’m told that there will be several folk musicians performing with us as well, so it should be a fascinating mix of the indigenous and the influenced. The concert isn’t so much a collection of performances as it is a showcase of our musical identity. I expect it to be a lot more interactive and intimate than regular music festivals because we will be using our performances to highlight the Citizen Archive of Pakistan’s work and shape our performances to fit the theme of the evening. We’re humbled and absolutely thrilled to be sharing the stage with such fantastic artists.

Shanaakht Festival to kick off on November 9

November 7, 2009

ShanaakhtIt may have brought forward an identity crisis of its own when the festival came to a rather unplanned end this April, but the Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP) and the festival volunteers have geared up to bring a new edition of the Shanaakht Festival next week. Scheduled to take place at the Imperial Gardens and Clifton Crossways in Karachi from November 9 – 11, the festival really does seem to be one of the more erudite events to take place in the latter half of the year.