Mekaal Hasan, Atif Aslam & Others Working with Indian Classical Singer Mahua Sen

June 8, 2011

What I really love about Mekaal Hasan Band is that despite the fact Mekaal is a rock and jazz guitar player, he keeps the eastern classical outfit in his songs. One such project is again in the pipeline that will feature an Indian classical singer “Mahua Sen” on the vocals probably in a collaboration with MHB’s 19 year old vocalist Asad Abbas, Atif Aslam and few other well-known names of the industry.

Mahua Sen is a visual artist, singer, songwriter, painter and a film maker. She defines her genre as classical/progressive. Though her homeland is New Delhi, India, she came to Lahore on a 2 weeks trip to meet friends and make music with ace Pakistani musicians. “The best thing about Lahore was the generosity of company.. returned back to Delhi after two weeks.. I left a huge part of myself behind” told Sen while expressing her stay at Lahore.

Overload – Batti (KM Single Review)

April 1, 2011

By Hasan Faridi

The LOUDEST band in Pakistan is back. And making more noise than ever.

The famous rock band Overload from Lahore, Pakistan, which formed in 2004, has gradually gained popularity through its diverse and awe-inspiring music ever since the beginning. The group has released two albums, one self-titled, released in 2006, and one in 2009 named Pichal Pairee.

Overload now consists of Farhad Humayun on vocals and drums (one of the best known drummers in Pakistan), Sheraz on keyboards and Nasir Sain on the ear-pounding Dhol. Session artists include Farhan Ali on bass, Shahzad Hameed and Haider Hashmi on guitars and Kaala Sain on the Dhol. Meera (Meesha) Shafi is no longer within the line-up.

Overload – Batti (Dhol Bajay Ga) [Video Shoot]

March 2, 2011

Overload‘s ‘Dhol Bajay Ga‘ has gone through a complete renovation in the musical arrangement, with the same melody and chords in place but Farhad Humayun on the vocals and Shahzad Hameed on the guitars.

The new video of “Dhol Bajay Ga” which has been directed by Farhad Humayun & Hassaan Ashraf is almost ready to hit the airwaves and Humayun promises its release after the World Cup hysteria simmers down. It has been shot by Maraam, Abroo & Shoaib and the wardrobe is done by fashion’s most potent brand, HSY.

Watch out for the new singer & the new guitar player.

Farhad Humayun: Meesha Shafi is no longer part of Overload

Overload’s frontman Farhad Humayun says his band has no place for Meesha Shafi or Mehmood Rahman, reports ETribune.

Overload is a rock/fusion band originating from Lahore, Pakistan, formed in 2004. The band are directed by founder and drummer Farhad Humayun. The band is regarded as the “Loudest band in Pakistan”.

Overload released its second album, ‘Pichal Pairee‘ in 2009 with Meesha Shafi as the lead vocalist. Now that the lead vocalist is pregnant at the peak of her career, there is really just one way forward for any band.

Farhad Humayun, the founder of Overload revealed that Meesha Shafi and Mehmood Rahman are no longer a part of the band. In fact, their new single, ‘Read More