Laal – Fareeda (Official Music Video)

October 11, 2010

When the Taliban attacked the shrines of Rahman Baba, Data Sahib, and Abdullah Ghazi Shah, slaughtering hundreds who had gathered for alms or to pray, Laal felt obligated to not only defend the progressive aspects of sufi thought but to discover them for ourselves. We see sufi’s as the rebels, the revolutionaries of their period.

Adieu 2009 and Welcome 2010


Sadaf Fayyaz

Since this is going be a year-end blog for koolmuzone. I conducted a small survey and asked some of the singers and musicians two questions:

Q1 How was your year 2009 in terms of your music for you?

Q2 What do you expect from year 2010 in terms of your music?

Different musicians responded to the questions, shared their experiences of 2009 and their expectations from the coming year.

“The year 2009 has been like no other, with fewer shows and a lot more bombs exploding. Well, in 2010, I expect things to go for the better Inshallah!!! Look out for my instrumental album coming out in 2010.”  (Abid Khan)

“Due to the current situation of the country, 2009 was unfortunately not a very good year.
So many concerts were canceled due to security threats, but we did a very huge concert in Dubai on 2nd of December along with Salman Khan, Katrina and many big names from Bollywood. We were representing Pakistan. We hope that 2010 turns out to be a much better year for the musicians of Pakistan as we do not lack talent in Pakistan but only lack opportunities.” (Faisal Khan)

Laal: music of dissent

July 26, 2009

Laal Band

Much has been heard, said and opined about the band that surged on a tidal wave in the aftermath of a fresh exit of dictatorship. Sometimes, the most vocal and opinionated being the band members themselves who mask themselves under no pretences, and openly declare their motives to be revolutionary and incendiary to the saturated status quo.

Latest Interview: Ali Hamza of Noori revisits LUMS

May 12, 2009


Ali Hamza takes a trip down memory lane by revisiting his alma mater LUMS

Instep Today speaks to Ali Hamza, the first President of the Music Society of the Lahore University of Management Sciences, at its 10th anniversary concert and discovers another side of one half of Noori

Hani Taha Salim, Lahore

While LUMS is more widely known for its business graduates and MBAs, the university has become known in recent years for the musical stars it has produced. With bands like Laal and Noori having some of their roots grounded in the institution, LUMS’ musical edge has come forth. This year the Music Society at LUMS is celebrating its tenth anniversary and has called the boys back home for a grand reunion.

StarBytes: Ali Hamza founded the Music Society of LUMS, Shahram Azhar studied there and tomorrow… they will play there!

May 9, 2009

We do need an education!
Ali Hamza founded the Music Society of LUMS, Shahram Azhar studied there and tomorrow… they will play there!

The Lahore University of Management Sciences is going great guns in more ways than one. Apart from garnering a a reputation as one of the finest institutions in the country, they also have a great interest in culture. Known to be an institution that churns out corporate types, they look all set to put that stereotype to rest as the Music Society of LUMS get’s set to celebrate its tenth anniversary today.