Topi Drama ft. Zinnia Bukhari – Saari Raat Jaga (Single Review)

In present times when every singer and band is focusing more and more on socio-political anthems due to the ongoing situation of the country, it’s very hard to come across some real pop/rock number. But recently an upcoming band, hilariously named as “Topi Drama” have come up with an extraordinary cover of Noori’s “Sari Raat Jaaga” and have garnered much praise from all sorts of audiences.

Coke Studio Season 2 – Statistics & Analysis

August 24, 2009

So, the coke studio season 2 finally comes to an end. We all are going to miss the studio where the fusion happened and will desperately wait for the the third season to come (May Allah give long life to Rohail Hyatt). During the airing of the second season, we actively collected statistics and ran voting polls (10 days per poll) for each episode, so, we may figure out and also share with you the likenesses and dis likeness of the crowd about the the season.

The statistics and analysis are our own and must not be used anywhere else without prior permission. They do not represent the original statistics of the Coke Studio by the

Coke Studio – Episode 4 Spirit (Review)

August 2, 2009

Inmusic: Spirit of the Studio
By Khaver Siddiqi

Atif Aslam

Two more episodes than the previous season and nearly twice as many artistes from last time round, the sheer awe factor of the C-Studio 2 artistes is undeniable. You have to give credit to them for not only experimenting with their own numbers but tackling new ones, too.

Coke Studio Season 2 Episode 4 Spirit Download Audios & Videos

Download All Audios and Videos of Coke Studio Season 2 Episode 4 “Spirit”

01. Riaz Ali Khan – Bulleya [Download Audio] [Download Video] [Lyrics]

02. Atif Aslam – Mai Ne Main [Download Audio] [Download Video] [Lyrics]

03. Noori – Saari Raat Jaga [Download Audio] [Download Video] [Lyrics]

04. Shafqat Amanat Ali and JoSh – Mahi Ve [Download Audio] [Download Video] [Lyrics]

05. Zeb and Haniya – Chup [Download Audio] [Download Video] [Lyrics]

In the fourth studio session, Coke Studio took us through an exploration of the beauty of the human spirit and brought forth the positive energy of music as it lifted our spirits, touched our hearts and strengthened our emotional and spiritual bonds.

Coke Studio Season 2 Episode 4 “Spirit” Tracklist & Promo

Come and join us again in a fortnight, July 26th, as we continue to reflect the beauty of the human spirit. Feel the positive energy as music lifts our spirits, touches our hearts and strengthens our emotional and spiritual bonds.

– Coke Studio

Atif Aslam – Mai Ne Main
Riaz Ali Khan – Bulleya
Zeb and Haniya – Chup
Josh & Shafqat Amanat Ali – Mahi Ve
Noori – Saari Raat Jaga