Saad Ul Hassan – Mujhe Roko (Download Audio)

Saad Ul Hassan - Mujhe Roko

Saad Ul Hassan – Mujhe Roko (Download Audio)

Artist: Saad Ul Hassan

Song: Mujhe Roko

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Saad Ul Hassan @ Live Art Studios

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This is ‘Mujhe Roko’ by the band Noori. One of my favorites. Enjoy and let us know your feedback.

Take a listen to the song below:

Mujhe Roko Lyrics:

Mujhay Roko
Kay Meray Lab Hain Azaad
Par Koi Nahin Saath
Mujhay Roko
Mujhay Roko [Mujhay Roko]
Mujhay Roko
Mujhay Roko [Mujhay Roko]

Kay Main Hoon Azaad [Mujhay Roko]
Ho Meray Dil Main Hai Aag [Mujhay Roko]
Ab Koi Nahin Saath [Mujhay Roko]
Hai Kaali Yeh Raat

Meray Sar Pay Junoon [Mujhay Roko]
Ho Meri Aankhon Main Kho

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