Aag Alive 2009 Concert Review


Sara Khalid

Note: This review focuses primarily on performances and how they looked over television. It doesn’t cover the the venue mishaps and other events.

The show started with an Aag Alive lounge. The lounge started off with the Aagmentary which basically took a look at the history of Pakistani pop music from Ahmed Ruhshdi to Junoon, it was actually quite interesting for any Pakistani pop music fan. After the Aagmentary segment the VJs showed glimpses of the actual concert. They also showed the Behind the Scenes of Aag Alive, all of this was put together really well but after a while the Aag Alive lounge got extremely boring especially the clips in between the actual show…no one really cares about these actors etc. and their interviews, the people watching on TV or online are only interested in the PERFORMANCES not these lame interviews! They were HORRIBLE! Especially the last one with the old man Ali Muhammad Mir who passed very rude comments about Atif Aslam, Annie, and singers in general (he was suppose to be imitating Musharaf apparently)…

Now lets get to the actual performances.

Why was Aag Alive a Disaster by “Anonymous Musician”

December 18, 2009

This story has been shared by self-proclaimed unknown musician who was at Dubai/Sharjah for Aag Alive and was part of the performers-list but couldn’t perform. He writes in detail what really happened at Aag Alive. This story was shared by him at PakStop.

First hand info from a last hand artist at the show .

We reached in high spirit and how the promos show, to achieve showing of unity. At sound check, we were all pumped because bigness of stage and other works. We were not amongst the super superstars so we were not being paid to do this since it was the part of our album deal but it wasnt the money we were looking for. It was opportunity to just be valuable to share stage with all the greats of industry for a great cause. It was about to happen the next day. A concert never done in the history on Pakistan Aag hai to dikha do and all slogans were in our heart more than on tv. This concert was cancelled twice in Karachi and once in Lahore and finally it was about to happen. Their dream was to become reality, but it rained in Dubai like never before and once it again the show was cancelled/ postponed.
Why was question in everyones minds.