The End Of Aunty Disco Project

May 5, 2011

Guys. Unfortunately we’ve got some sad news. Aunty Disco Project, a rock band from Karachi which rocked the Coke Studio stage with their highly-energetic live performance, has disbanded. ADP which started off as an underground band in March 2006 achieved mainstream success and garnered critical acclaim for their electrifying live performances. Omar Bilal Akhtar, the band’s lead vocalist announced the break up on his official blog.

Aunty Disco Project is breaking up. We’ve been sitting on this decision for a long time. Now’s the time to tell you guys. Here’s our official statement.

[Spot Light: Omar Bilal Akhtar]

Omar Bilal Akhtar


Sadaf Fayyaz

Omar Bilal AkhtarComplexes: My friends think I’m always getting myself into self righteous arguments and making speeches.

What turns me on: A great sense of humor, and great taste in music without being pretentious

What turns me off: Someone who says ‘like‘ too much

Philosophy of life: Nothing in life worth having ever comes easy.

Aamir Zaki, ADP, Gravity & Blue Mango at PACC for “Come Alive” (Concert Pictures)

November 11, 2010

Photos Courtesy: Athar Khan

Stagewright productions in collaboration with United Pakistan held a concert ‘It’s Time To Come Alive” at the Pakistan American Culture Centre (PACC) as a launch for the former and to raise funds for flood relief on Tuesday.

Aamir Zaki, ADP, Immu and Khalid Khan, Gravity and Blue Mango and alumni (Ali Khan and Umair Shehzad. Khan) of the National Academy of Performing Arts (Napa) performing at the ‘It’s Time To Come Alive” concert.

Aamir Zaki was joined by Ehsan Bari on guitar and Hilary Furtado on saxophone.

[via – E Tribune]

Aunty Disco Project – Hum Naa Rahay (Meray Masoom Dost)

October 28, 2010

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Band: Aunty Disco Project

Song: Hum Naa Rahay (Meray Masoom Dost)

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100% of all proceeds from iTunes and mobile downloads of this song are going to flood relief efforts!

New single from Karachi based rock band Aunty Disco Project.

All proceeds go to the Karachi Relief Trust for flood relief. Please donate generously at

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