Gumby Leaves Noori (Again)

June 9, 2013
Gumby Leaves Noori

Gumby Leaves NooriGumby, the renowned musician and drummer of Pakistan, has once again parted his ways with Noori thus ending his long time association with the band. There were rumours about the band once again falling apart and now Louis John Pinto a.k.a Gumby has officially declared it through his official Facebook page that he is no more with the band.

“I would like to inform everyone, especially the fans of noori that I am yet once again no longer with the band. I know a lot of you have been messaging me and posting on the page about is to why I’m not performing live or doing commercial campaigns with the band.”

Farhad Humayun Produces Pepsi Smash – The Next Big Thing in Music!

Pepsi Smash - Farhad on DrumsAn exciting new music based initiative, Pepsi SMASH, went viral yesterday in Pakistan, and Overload’s very own Farhad Humayun has a big hand to play in the realization of this mega project. Via the platform of his production company Riot Productions, Farhad has acted as the producer & video director for Pepsi SMASH, having overseen various important areas of the project. The music has been produced by Overload’s keyboardist/composer Sheraz Siddiq & Pakistan’s foremost DJ, Faisal Baig.

Noori to Spearhead Fanta’s Musical Talent Hunt Show ‘Fanta Rocks’

May 1, 2013

Fanta RocksFanta, the most fun-filled Orange Sparkling brand, has launched a talent hunt in schools across Pakistan to find young gifted singers for recording a Fanta song and music video. The initiative, appropriately named ‘Fanta Rocks’ will be spearheaded by renowned Rock Band Noori, and will extend to nearly 250 schools, reaching out to an estimated 250,000 school children between the ages of 12 and 18. The initiative will short-list 3 singers who will then be called to ‘Fanta Rock Station’ in Lahore to compose, sing and record a Fanta Song with Noori.

The ‘Fanta Rocks’ journey starts off with the campaign team going to schools across Pakistan, to find singers who know how to rock the stage. There will be a Karaoke set up in schools, where teens will perform and participate in fun-filled activities side by side. Rock band Noori will visit several schools, where they will perform with the 6 semifinalists and shortlist 3 Fanta Rock stars from them. These 3 Rock stars will then be mentored for 5 days by Noori band members, work on the song lyrics from inception and create music composition. They will also be treated at parties, taken to amusement parks and would live the life of Rock stars.

The Launch of Cornetto Music Icons (Event Pictures)

April 29, 2013

Bilal, Shahi, Ahmed Butt, Meesha, Alamgir, Ali Azmat & Faisal KapadiaKARACHI: In collaboration with some of the most renowned artists of the Pakistan music industry, Cornetto, the most popular frozen dessert brand amongst the Pakistani youth, is bringing a fresh music platform, the Cornetto Music Icons. Cornetto Music Icons began airing on 28th April 2013, with one episode every week. The show aims to pick the best of the wellspring of the new vocal talent from the Pakistani youth and mould them into future icons through a 10 episode TV show on the ARY Network and PTV starting end April 2013.

Pepsi Smash Will Air Its First Episode on May 1st! [Promo]

Pepsi Smash (1)This summer season is expected to be quite buzy and happening for all the music lovers out there. Although there are quite a few programs that are aired in the summer time, still there is a new entrant in to the arena who are actually no new when it comes to music. Pepsi who have been one of the biggest supporters of Pakistani music industry since its inception are once again back into the business with not just a single sponsored track but a whole new show that is going to start from 1st May, this Wednesday.

Titled as Pepsi Smash, the show is said to focus more on the electronic side of music and to introduce the audience to a newer version of the music that they have been listening all along.

Topi Drama ft. Zinnia Bukhari – Saari Raat Jaga (Single Review)

In present times when every singer and band is focusing more and more on socio-political anthems due to the ongoing situation of the country, it’s very hard to come across some real pop/rock number. But recently an upcoming band, hilariously named as “Topi Drama” have come up with an extraordinary cover of Noori’s “Sari Raat Jaaga” and have garnered much praise from all sorts of audiences.