Omran Shafique, Eva Blessed With Yet Another Baby Girl

October 12, 2013
Omran Shafique & Eva

Omran Shafique and Eva

Omran Shafique, the lead guitarist for quite a lot of prominent acts from Pakistani music industry has been blessed with yet another baby girl. This is the second child for Omran and Eva Shafique.

Earlier Omran took to social media and announced this good new to his fans through his Facebook page,

“The new one was eager to join the party. She is here. Both mother and daughter are doing fine, thank God. Sof (Sofia) is asleep at home and has no idea! Blessed. With Eva Shafique.”

The news was followed by a huge number of friends and fans turning up and congratulating the pair on the birth of their second child.

5 Minutes With Natasha Ejaz (Interview)

We sat down with Natasha Humera Ejaz who recently performed a session for Uth Records and talked about her work, experience with Uth Records and possible future endeavors.

1. How did you begin? How do you define your sound?

Ans: How did I begin? *giggles* That’s a funny question. I jest – I suppose it’s safe to say my song writing journey started at 15 when I picked up the guitar for the first time. As far as what my sound is, to be honest I think at the moment I’m a blend of part jazz, part indie, part folk, part trip hop. But I prefer not to label myself, not for the moment at least.

Natasha Ejaz – The Right Way to Fall (Download Audio) [Uth Records – Ep 4]

Natasha Ejaz – The Right Way to Fall (Download Audio)

Artist: Natasha Ejaz

Show: Uth RecordsEpisode 4

Song: The Right Way to Fall

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It was light
It was dark
It was far away from the lark
As I tried to embark
On a journey of far away
50 men couldnt find
The treasures deep inside
As I lay here shining bright

So I tried to recall
The right way to fall
But my eyes
Couldn’t find the way

And I tried to many
Times for you to see
The fire
Burning inside of me
But you were blinded by your

So I tried to recall
The right way to fall
But my eyes
Couldn’t find the way
So I tried to recall
The right way to fall
But my eyes
Couldn’t find the way


So I tried to recall
The right way to fall
But my eyes
Couldn’t find the way

So I tried to recal

Uth Records to Air their Fourth Episode with Natasha Ejaz!

March 9, 2011

Uth Records to Air their Fourth Episode with Natasha Ejaz!

[Pakistan 09 March 2011] Ufone’s acclaimed youth music initiative Uth Records proudly announces its fourth featuring artist to debut on 11th March 2011, Islamabad based singer Natasha Ejaz.

Following the excitement brought to Uth Records by young rock band Jumbo Jutt, contemporary Pashto folk artists Yasir & Jawad and the classically inspired musician Usman Riaz, Uth Records introduces singer/songwriter Natasha Ejaz.

Ufone Launches Uth Music Platform for Pakistani Talent: Uth Records

Uth Records

Ufone Launches Exciting Uth Music Platform for Pakistani Talent: Uth Records

[Karachi, 28 January 2011] In keeping with the brands consistent commitment to the youth of Pakistan. , Ufone’s Uth Package proudly introduces their latest youth based project on the eve of their 10th Anniversary, Uth Records; a music television show projecting new Pakistani talent, set to air across television and social media networks during the month of February 2011.

Indeed Ufone has always supported youth initiatives such as the live concert platform URock in 2006, the introduction of the Uth Package in 2010 and the Futsal 2010. Uth Records endeavours to provide talented young musicians a professional music platform for their original work to be seen and heard across Pakistan, irrespective of age, gender, language and background. Thus the vision behind Uth Records is: to first find talent through tapping into the music demos of aspiring musicians as sent in to the Ufone team through online submissions, post and by recording their demo live by calling [for Ufone users only] in to Uth Records at 884; then select specific artists through the review of these demos by professional industry producers; to work closely with selected artists to arrange, compose and record their respective original compositions as guided by the producers, in a professional recording st

Interview: Taha Malik & Rola Team on Kostal’s ‘Jaan Jaye’

December 6, 2009

“We’re a music production duo. Our style is a mixture of electronic and organic music.” – Taha Malik
As the debut video of Kostal makes way from the Internet to the airwaves, Instep catches up with Taha Malik of Kostal

By Maheen Sabeeh

Omran Shafique and Taha MalikInstep: What can you tell me about Kostal?
Taha Malik: Kostal is Taha Malik and Omran Shafique. We’re a music production duo. We first met in 2002 while working on many side projects. During the recording of Mauj‘s debut album at my studio in Houston, Omran and I would write dance and hip hop style records. As our library of ideas grew, we decided that we should compile the best and make an album of them. Of course, Kostal is much more than that now. We are currently writing/producing for other artists, movies, commercials, and any other projects we can get our hands on. The collective manifoldness of our musical backgrounds allows us to experiment with all types of styles and genres, from French rappers to rubab and tabla, to jazz-fusion, rock, Arabic… anything really. We love it!