Tanseer Daar To Release An Album With Aaroh’s Ex-Guitarist Nabeel Nihal Chishti

November 26, 2012

Tanseer Daar is once again making a comeback on to the music scene and this time around it will be his solo flight as he is planning to release an album of his own.

Tanseer has been part of a critically acclaimed band ‘Karavan’ for quite some time. Perhaps his last notable appearance individually and with the band was on Coke Studio. Since then Karavan was not doing much of the business and soon they called it a day.

Karavan Reunion: Band Performs Together After 2 Years

November 18, 2012

By Ahmad Uzair

The news of re-union of Karavan band which was in the air for quite some time now has finally materialized as the band recently performed together at a concert in Karachi after a gap of almost 2 years.

The band rose to fame with their single ‘Aagey Hi Aagey’ but their last notable performance was on Coke Studio season 3. Since then, all the band members were busy pursuing their solo career and it put an end to the band which lasted in the industry for about at least a decade.

Karavan to Reunite With a New Single? [Update]

July 12, 2012

So finally there is good news for the hard rock music lovers as critically acclaimed band “Karavan” announces their comeback.

For those who don’t know, they are the music veterans of the industry. Karavan hails from Karachi and have got some huge hits to their credit. They rose to fame with their single “Aagey hi Aagey”. The band consists of some wonderfully talented people who are masters of their respective departments. Meanwhile their guitarist, Asad Ahmed is also a permanent member of the house band of Coke Studio since its inception.

Asad Ahmed – Will You (Instrumental) (KM Single Review)

April 10, 2012

By Hasan Faridi

Renowned guitarist Asad Ahmed, has been in the music industry for ages. It’s just that most of the time, he hasn’t had a chance to showcase himself as a sole artist. With an upcoming album over the horizon, Ahmed wants to show what he can bring to the table.

In a defiant stand, Ahmed recently made a clear statement, stating, “I don’t want to do the whole guitar hero thing again. I think, for me, it has always been more about the songs than guitar solos.”

And likewise, Ahmed may have just already proved he can create instrumental ‘songs’ in his new release named “Will You”. It’s given to us hungry rockers like a starter prior to the main course.

Asad Ahmed Releasing a Solo Album

February 7, 2012

By Tehniat

Asad Ahmed, the guitar maestro is the founding member, of the now disbanded rock band Karavan. He has been a member of the famous pop trio Awaz, and has played with Vital Signs and Junoon. He started his career in 1987 with a band called The Barbarians. He has contributed his guitar work and compositions to albums by Ali Haider, Vital Signs, Najam Sheraz, Haroon, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Sajjad Ali to name a few and is now a regular guitar player in the sessions held by Coke Studio. Ahmed has also played the guitars for Ali Zafar’s upcoming film London Paris New York.

The maestro, has now chosen a path of his own and news has it that he is releasing his own solo album, which is still unnamed. The album will not entirely consist of instrumentals but will comprise of songs arranged, composed,  and produced by Ahmed himself. As he said while talking to ET:

“Guitar solos or shredding is something that I would have loved to do if I was 16 but not at this point in time.

Karavan announce that they have officially ended

July 25, 2011

Karavan, Asad Ahmed, Alan Smith, Sameer Ahmed and Tanseer Daar, are calling it quits after 15 years of performing.

(Read: Karavan Reunion: Band Performs Together After 2 Years)

The band which was formed in 1997 by former Awaz lead guitarist Asad Ahmed with the help of his friend, bassist Sameer Ahmed is no more. Karavan has been a successful rock band in Pakistan. They have released four full length albums to date, the latest, Saara Jahan, which was well received by their fans. The band also became a part of Coke Studio‘s season 3 in which they performed their two hit songs from the last album.

A few minutes ago, Asad Ahmed posted a statement on the band’s facebook page saying that the band has officially ended.