Silversmoke – Sawaal

October 13, 2013
Silversmoke - Sawaal

Guess what? Silversmoke‘s back! It’s been a long time since any news came out regarding the rock band from Islamabad but deep down we always wanted this day to come, and it has!

Since its inception, Silversmoke maintains its ideology: Creating good, clean, mature rock music. With a new lineup, that is exactly what the band plans on delivering.

Here’s Sawaal, the first single the band’s releasing after Zakham with the new line up.

Yasir Jaswal – Khizaan (Download Audio)

August 24, 2012

Yasir Jaswal – Khizaan (Download Audio)

Artist: Yasir Jaswal

Song: Khizaan

Download Now!

Produced by Sarmad Ghafoor & Yasir Jaswal

Recorded at SnM Studio Islamabad

After giving massive hits like Tu Nahi, Shab Dhalay, Hum Nasheen and Khauf, Yasir Jaswal, the former front-man of Irtaash, is back with Khizaan. This is his first solo track.

Take a listen to the song below:


Yeh Ghari
Tham Si Gai Hai
Hum Tum Hi
Chaltay Rahay
Yeh Pal Bhi
Bikharnay Laga Hai
Koi Bhi
Bacha Na Sakay

Kahaan Say Laoon Mein Tujhey
Kaisay Bhulaoon Mein Tujhey

Yeh Aankhein

Good Bye Irtaash, We Will Truly Miss You Guys!

October 26, 2011

“It saddens me to tell you that Irtaash will not be playing performing or making music. We are disbanding. We might individually follow our musical calling but not with Irtaash, maybe later on in life, but for now it’s a wrap. It’s been an emotional 10 years but it’s been worth it.”

IrtaashYasir Jaswal, Farooq Shah, Umer Sohail, Muhammad Talha and Ali Nadeem, has decided to call it a day as a band.

Irtaash – Kala Safaid Aasman (Album Teaser)

May 16, 2011

One of the most promising rock bands, Irtaash which started to storm audiences everywhere when it was formed back in November 2001 and soon became a big name in the underground scene of not only Islamabad but Pakistan, has just released a teaser of their debut album “Kala Safaid Aasman“.

With the original Line-up back, Irtaash is all set to release its debut album, which has been produced by Sarmad Ghafoor at S & M Studios Islamabad, in May 2011. The album, which consists of 11 alternative rock songs (Raastay, Humnasheen, Shab Dhalay, Kaali Raatein, Musafir, Irtaash, Zehar, Tu Nahi, Lori, Khauf and Nakhray), will hit record stores almost after a decade of the band’s formation. During these years, Irtaash has released numerous chart topping singles and music videos.

Below is the album teaser:

Irtaash to Release Debut Album ‘Kala Safaid Aasman’ in May 2011

April 28, 2011

One of the most promising rock bands, Irtaash has announced that they will be releasing their debut album “Kala Safaid Aasman” in May 2011. The band has been lip-tight about the dates till now but exact dates shall be confirmed soon.

It is learnt that Irtaash which formed back in 2001, and made their debut with Kaali Ratien, is back with its original line up, Yasir Jaswal, Umer, Talha, Ali and Farooq.

The album which has been produced by Sarmad Ghafoor consists of 11 tracks.

Ufone Launches Uth Music Platform for Pakistani Talent: Uth Records

Uth Records

Ufone Launches Exciting Uth Music Platform for Pakistani Talent: Uth Records

[Karachi, 28 January 2011] In keeping with the brands consistent commitment to the youth of Pakistan. , Ufone’s Uth Package proudly introduces their latest youth based project on the eve of their 10th Anniversary, Uth Records; a music television show projecting new Pakistani talent, set to air across television and social media networks during the month of February 2011.

Indeed Ufone has always supported youth initiatives such as the live concert platform URock in 2006, the introduction of the Uth Package in 2010 and the Futsal 2010. Uth Records endeavours to provide talented young musicians a professional music platform for their original work to be seen and heard across Pakistan, irrespective of age, gender, language and background. Thus the vision behind Uth Records is: to first find talent through tapping into the music demos of aspiring musicians as sent in to the Ufone team through online submissions, post and by recording their demo live by calling [for Ufone users only] in to Uth Records at 884; then select specific artists through the review of these demos by professional industry producers; to work closely with selected artists to arrange, compose and record their respective original compositions as guided by the producers, in a professional recording st

Irtaash – Humnasheen (Song / Video Review)

October 1, 2010
Yasir Jaswal

By Hani Arif

Yasir JaswalHumnasheen in English would translate to be an associate, that’s what your relationship with the song becomes as soon as the first strum, the electric guitar intro is played and the first line is sung, all hinting immediately that the song is a winner.

As the song progresses it becomes absolutely certain that the first impressions were not falsified at all. The song is about remembrance of times gone past and the desire to re live them. The song also talks about the fact that mistakes happen and misunderstandings arise but a good way to set them right is to step in to the others shoes in order to properly asses what they go through.