Adieu 2009 and Welcome 2010


Sadaf Fayyaz

Since this is going be a year-end blog for koolmuzone. I conducted a small survey and asked some of the singers and musicians two questions:

Q1 How was your year 2009 in terms of your music for you?

Q2 What do you expect from year 2010 in terms of your music?

Different musicians responded to the questions, shared their experiences of 2009 and their expectations from the coming year.

“The year 2009 has been like no other, with fewer shows and a lot more bombs exploding. Well, in 2010, I expect things to go for the better Inshallah!!! Look out for my instrumental album coming out in 2010.”  (Abid Khan)

“Due to the current situation of the country, 2009 was unfortunately not a very good year.
So many concerts were canceled due to security threats, but we did a very huge concert in Dubai on 2nd of December along with Salman Khan, Katrina and many big names from Bollywood. We were representing Pakistan. We hope that 2010 turns out to be a much better year for the musicians of Pakistan as we do not lack talent in Pakistan but only lack opportunities.” (Faisal Khan)