Awardsfever: Five things that should not happen at an awards show

May 24, 2009


The MTV Brrr Music Awards held recently in Karachi amused, shocked and at times even horrified the audience. Although the blunders that happened were too many to list, we’ve shortlisted a few that stood out.

By M.R.S.

When getting music acts to perform ‘live’ (which in the case of the MTV Music Awards meant a mixture of performing on DAT and, along with the vocals, and very few instruments plugged in to perform), make sure that the microphones are both switched on and operating — and not after the acts have gone on stage.

LG Awaaz Banaey Star – Student’s Singing Competition

May 10, 2009

awaaz-banaey-starWe are pleased to inform you that our client LG Mobile has taken an initiative to sponsor
‘LG Awaaz Banaey Star – Students’ Singing Competition’, which will be aired on a leading TV channel shortly. This first ever singing competition will be produced, with focus on leading educational institutions from major cities of Pakistan. It will provide an opportunity to the talented students to participate and strive to become a star while representing prestigious institution.

Hadiqa Kiani “Good and Bad News”

May 5, 2009

km-hadiqa-kiyaniThis is a recent note written by Paki Princess “Hadiqa Kiani” on her facebook account:

Hello everybody!
Good news is that I will be appearing as a judge in an upcoming Music Reality show on GEO TV for the next one year (starting very soon).
It’s a big show sponsored by LG Electronics.
Another Good news is that my album will be out very soon as 2 videos are ready and two more are on the editing table (will be ready by the end of this month).