Gunkali by Kaavish: Start of a Melodic Eon (Album Review)

January 17, 2010


Sadaf Fayyaz

The title seems a bit bizarre since Kaavish started their journey some years back, but the actual journey begins with this album. “Patience is a Virtue”. So finally after a long wait and protracted lull, Gunkali is out there.  After their single “Bachpan” that hit more than 44, 000 views on You Tube; it’s their debut album Gunkali now that rocks the world. The single “Bachpan” had a melancholic and lamented touch to it.  Gunkali is a different music flavor as compared with the single “Bachpan” of the band. The word “Gunkali” stands for a morning raga, depicting a new beginning. The album is indeed a new beginning of Kaavish’s stretched journey. The album contains ten tracks with final mixing and mastering performed by Faisal Rafi. “Morey Sayyian”, “Bachpan” and “Tere Pyaar Mein” are the most touching numbers of the album. Nayyara Noor, besides being a music legend, has this time contributed towards the album by penning down some deep and touchy lyrics for Kaavish.

Kaavish Delays Again, Till 15th Jan ’10

January 8, 2010

The much awaited album of Kaavish, Gunkali has been delayed once again for another week. The new tentative date has been set as 15th of January ’10. The albums scheduled after Gunkali were subject to delay based on the country’s situation and response on the albums but Devika (2nd Jan) and Kaavish (8th Jan) were planned to be released right on time.

Dr Yezdani said

We are on track for the first two releases Devika on the 2nd and Kaavish on the 8th. Let’s see how things go from there on.

This also means there is going to be a change in schedule for other releases lined up for January including Nida Arab on 15th, Mauj on 22nd and Sketches on 29th.

Devika, Kaavish, Nida Arab, Mauj & Sketches to Hit Pakistani Markets in January 2010 Announces Dr Yezdani

December 27, 2009


Two more albums have been scheduled for January 2010. Devika Chawla will come out on 2nd of January while sketches are making their debut on 29th of January.


COO, Fire Records, Dr. Akbar Yezdani, has finally announced release dates for albums of Mauj (Now in Technicolor), Kaavish (Gunkali) and Nida Arab.

All the albums will come out with gap of one week between each other. Kaavish, being first in the queue, will hit Pakistani markets on 8th of January ’10. Nida Arab on 15th of January and Mauj’s debut will come out on 22nd of January.

Dr Yezdani also mentioned that the videos are also ready and the long delays weren’t really their fault. He states

Just pray that nothing drastic happens. We have been trying to do this for over a year now but each time there are either explosions, some political issue like elections, long march and what not. This time we are determined. Their videos are ready and hope all goes well. Do buy their CDs and support music

He also mentioned few upcoming releases which will include Sohail Salamat, Call, Annie & Noman Javaid.

Good luck Fire! We all hope that the albums actually come out in January. I personally have been desperately waiting for the release of Mona’s video and Gunkali. read more

Faisal Rafi speaks on Kaavish, music production and more

November 10, 2009

Maheen Sabeeh

Faisal_Kaavish-JafferWhile Mekaal Hasan takes a step away from production (to concentrate on his music), Faisal Rafi is taking young artists under his wing and as it turns out, is working on a plethora of records at his Silent Studio (rather silently).

Faisal Rafi is no stranger to the music industry and with has jumped into urban pop music production alongside his other classical projects. In the contemporary music scene, the most prominent record that has Faisal Rafi’s stamp includes Kaavish‘s Gunkali, which remains the talk of the town.

Kaavish – Gunkali [Album Preview]

July 21, 2009

KaavishInMusic: Kaavish: Full circle, at last

Kaavish are finally ready to release the album that has been in the making for about six years. Once can only imagine the efforts put in by Maaz Maudood and Jaffer Zaidi (also former member Raheel Manzar Paul) for these past years, along with their current producer, Faisal Rafi. As a producer, Rafi was the captain of the ship that is Gunkali, so why did it take so long to reach the harbour of listeners? “The album in essence was redone; the original had been done in Jaffer’s home studio. Anything that is redone usually takes twice the time so that justice can be done to the original compositions.”

“Basically we were ready with Gunkali early this year” – Jaffer Zaidi

July 2, 2009

Source: Instep Today

Kaavish front man explains why their debut album is still not out

It’s not everyday that a band like Kaavish comes to the forefront. With just three songs (‘Bachpan’, ‘Chootee Khushiyaan’ and ‘Tere Pyar Mein’ – to their credit, Kaavish’s upcoming debut album, Gunkali, has become one of the most anticipated albums of the year. With Jaffer Zaidi joining Coke Studio this year, the level of intrigue for the album has heightened further. But SB_Faisal_Kaavishsadly the album’s release date can’t be confirmed just yet.

In a message sent to Kaavish fans via Facebook, Kaavish boys, Jaffer and Maaz Maudood give away their reasons for not releasing the record.

Fire Records Signed 3 More Artists

February 28, 2009

Laal, a Lahore-based band, announced the launch of their album titled ‘Umeed-e-Sahar’ which features the poetry of the great poets Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Habib Jalib and deals with social concerns of our times. It will be released under Fire Records.

Hadiqa Kiyani will be releasing her album titled ‘Aasmaan’ under the label Fire Records.

Kaavish has signed a deal with Fire Records and they will be releasing their album titiled ‘Gunkali’