Is Local Music Making A Comeback?

Despite with no major live concerts happening, local music is making a comeback, with lot of new creative ideas being introduced in the industry. With projects like Coke Studio, Guitar School in Lahore, Uth Records and LUMS Music Festival the music scene is gradually picking up momentum — many musicians are getting international offers to showcase their talent in the absence of major international concerts in Pakistan.

Zebunnisa Bangash (Zeb and Haniya), who studied Economics and History of Art and has been singing since age eight feels that investing in music is about how the music business works, and the industry is growing because now the corporations are supporting it. It explains the value that companies add, helping artists to realise a talent that would typically go unrecognised and get to an audience they would otherwise not reach. She said,

Music Machine and Their Hunt for Artists (Interview)

January 26, 2011

Music Machine is an organization dedicated to the development of the local music Industry. They have arranged some of the best underground acts in past few months with artists like Co-VEN, Malang Party, Poor Rich Boy, TakaTak, Shahzad Hameed, The Others, Odyssey, Bambu Sauce, Arieb Azhar etc and they thrive to hunt for more.

So, we sat down with them and asked them a couple of questions about them and how underground artists could really benefit from Music Machine in getting paid gigs.

What is the Music Machine?

It’s an organization dedicated to the development of the local  music industry. We believe that a thriving local scene is the foundation upon which  any healthy music industry rests, it is this sector of the industry, that we also find  as being the most under-developed in Pakistan.

Arieb Azhar at The Guitar School, 26 Dec 2010 (Concert Pictures / Videos)

December 28, 2010

Photography by: Waheed Khalid

Videos Courtesy: Fiaz Tariq

Arieb Azhar vocals/guitar, Akmal Qadri flute, Kashif Ali Dani tabla, Zishan Mansoor guitar

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The Guitar School Offering Audio Production Courses

December 23, 2009


REVENOUS STUDIOS is a state of the art recording facility equipped with AKG 3000B Condenser Microphones, Audio Technica AT3035 Condenser Microphones, Audix DP5 Drum Micing Kit, Behringer B2 Pro Condenser Microphones, Neumann TLM103 Condenser Microphones, Shure SM58 Microphones, AKG K271 Studio Headphones, Avalon VST-737sp, Behringer B2030A Studio Monitors, Behringer PX2000 Ultra Patch, Behringer Vamp Guitar Amplifier, Behringer Xenyx 2442 FX Mixer, Celestion-66 Studio Monitors, Edirol FA-101 Firewire Souncard, Hosa PDR-369 Patch Bay, Korg Triton Extreme, Nakamichi AV7 Amplifier, Tascam CC-222 Digital CD Writer-Tape, Yamaha NS 10m Studio Monitors. Ravenous has recently hosted artists such as Tania & Omar, co-VEN, Farhad Humayun, Haider Hashmi.

Interview: All the rage – Abid Khan on Lahore’s Guitar School

bildeAll the rage

Rebecca Conway

A career in rock ’n’ roll might not be a conventional – or easy – choice for young Pakistanis, but despite the militant insurgency and social difficulties, aspiring musicians are finding ways to keep an alternative music scene alive.

Even with accelerating Taliban violence, Pakistan’s underground music-makers are rocking on.

“Our students have started forming bands; the youngest group consists of three seven-year-old boys. All play astonishingly well, and are fast improving every day”, says Abid Khan, one of the founders and teachers of Lahore’s Guitar School, which opened recently on the back of growing interest in contemporary music, stimulated by satellite television and the increasingly free and diverse broadcast media.