Karavan Has Been Signed Up by Fire Records for “Saraa Jahaan”

September 25, 2009

karavansarajahaanAlmost about 2 years ago we heard about the album “Saraa Jahaan” which was about to come soon at that time. All of us kept waiting impatiently how long would this “soon” take. Good news is that the album has been signed by Fire Records finally and this gives us some hope that Karavan is coming back soon for real this time. The release date hasn’t been finalized yet but as far as the album is coming, I am sure we all can wait a little more. The band is finally ready for some action. They are in a process of re-branding their image, site and a lot more stuff. We are looking forward to cover that up for all of you guys. Stay tuned till we get more updates by Karavan for you guys.

Meanwhile you can enjoy downloading the previously uploaded albums by Karavan

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Is Fire Records the Rights Owner of Coke Studio?

September 14, 2009

On 9th of September, Mr. Fahd Khan, Associate Manager, Geo TV on a telephonic conversation claimed rights on some of the content that is being distributed freely on this site. Complying with them, I asked them to e-mail me the details along with the link, so, I may review and take actions. The email consisted of the links to “Rona Chor Diya by Zeb and Haniya (Cokestudio version)”. I responded back with details that they are trying to claim rights on Cokestudio content. I was replied back by Mr. Fahd that the content is protected under law and Fire Records are the right owners. Being unsure, I requested Mr. Fahd to look again in to the matter if removal is mandatory. I was responded back today, that yes, it has to be taken off. Complying with the record label, I took off the content and tried to look in to the matter myself. On looking in to it, I realized “Frequency Media” are the right owners of the content. I was confused and curious about the continuous warnings from the Fire Records. Why would Fire Records claim rights on the content which is property of “Frequency Media”?

Mauj, Another Victim of Record Labels of Pakistan

September 6, 2009

Almost about 4 months ago, Mauj released it’s debut album, “Now in Technicolor” on Amazon and Itunes, and Facebook messaged the fans that

“Pakistan will have to wait unfortunately until Fire Records decides to release it”

We thought that the delay might mean that album will release in a month or so, which would involve the paperwork and sponsors etc. Today, In an interview with Dawn Images, Omran Shafique talked about his album delay and the venture called Kostal. Omran says

Interview: Shiraz Uppal “My next album is called Ankahi and it will release this Eid”

September 3, 2009

One of Pakistan’s most underrated singers talks about his next album and working with the legendary AR Rahman on the soundtrack of the upcoming film, Boys.

Maheen Sabeeh

If with his first two albums, Tu Hai Meri (2001) and Tera Te Mera (2003), Shiraz Uppal was gingerly setting his foot in the Pakistani music industry, with Jhuki Jhuki (2005), he captivated everyone. Shiraz Uppal stands tall today as one of the most underrated composers and singers of this decade.

Dr. Yezdani (Fire Records) “Believes” He Can Put an End to Torrents & P2P

August 30, 2009

Music Piracy has been an issue not only in Pakistan but through out the world even in the countries where the laws and rules have been far better and stronger. In an era where content sharing has become an accepted norm of the society, Dr. Yezdani does not only plan to focus his energy on stopping the piracy through websites but also targets the peer to peer (p2p) content sharing including torrents, limewire etc. He also believes

after a month or so if one would transfer music by p2p their email account will be frozen

No doubt, Dr. Yezdani has got a great sense of humor

Is Fire Records For The Betterment of Pakistani Music?

August 19, 2009

Recently, the owner of Mag4you was taken in to custody for the case of music piracy filled by Fire Records, a renowned record label of Pakistan. Some looked at it as an effort by Fire Records to stop music piracy while others looked at it as an act immaturity by Fire Records, not that they supported piracy but believed in a systematic manner to carry these tasks out. We made a lot of discussion on the topic and explicitly expressed the different views of the situation. With the comments on the topics by Fire Records and Mr. Rohail Hyatt, another story came in to being.

Owner of Mag4you Arrested For Album Piracy

August 6, 2009

So the Fire records is on fire and is tracking down the pirates of Pakistan. Owner of Mag4you has been picked up from his home by the police and other sites are being tracked by Fire Records, while the owner of KoolMuzone is blogging about it. I wasn’t that much of a pirate after all, was I? Anyways so, since the Fire records has decided that music websites of Pakistan shouldn’t get much traffic from the album piracy I thought to make some traffic by posting about it, cool no? Yes, it’s the right of musicians to get paid for their work and I strongly agree that piracy should be stopped but then did Yazdani Sahab from Fire Records even try to comply with all these website guys? Did he try to settle it down with a meeting even? Yazdani Sahab it had to be stopped but it could stop in a better way. read more

Mauj – Now In Technicolor (Album) released on Amazon

May 11, 2009

mauj-album-coverMessage on MAUJ’s Facebook page.

The album should be up on iTunes and Napster in the next week or so. In the meantime – all our international fans and friends can get it from Amazon right now. Pakistan will have to wait unfortunately until Fire Records decides to release it. Thanks for your patience and support.

Buy Now.

You can download few of the tracks released before album release from here.