News from the Kitchen – What’s cooking in Pakistani Music Pot

August 18, 2013
Jal - Pyaas

News from the Kitchen – What’s cooking in Pakistani Music Pot
Too many cooks are NOT spoiling the broth!
Ali Gohar

We have heard of numerous must-watch Pakistani movies hitting theaters in the near future but Pakistan Music lovers also have the right to know what’s going on and what’s next in the pipeline. So here is some spice of what’s up with your favorite artists and bands these days.


Jal - PyaasSo far Jal’s latest album Pyaas has done reasonably good in the market. This should be a big relief for all Jalaholics that the band is not over yet, in fact still doing great. ‘Dil Harri’ was a soulful song with a harmonious video which was released a couple of months ago.

Unilever Unveiled Dynamic Activities by Magnum and Lipton at 12th Lux Style Awards (Pictures)

Ayesha Omar wearing Nida Azwer - 12th Lux Style AwardsAfter their successful activation at the 6th PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, Unilever unveiled their latest on-ground activities by Magnum and Lipton at the 12th Lux Style Awards held on 4th July 2013 in Lahore.

Patrons who participated in the Magnum activity had a chance to win exciting prizes, including a Mercedes Benz SLK Sports Car and other luxurious gifts such as Louis Vuitton, Rayban, Hugo Boss and many more!

Asif Sinan – National Anthem – Eastern Classical Style (Video)

August 12, 2012

Artist: Asif Sinan

Song: Pakistan National Anthem (Eastern Classical Style)

Composed, Arranged and Played by Asif Sinan

Directed by Fayyaz Ahmed

Asif Sinan’s unique interpretation of Pakistan’s National Anthem. Performed in purely eastern classical style but on a modern instrument, this version of the anthem is haunting, melodic and reinforces our feeling of love and patriotism for this beautiful country that has given us so much and made us who we are! Thank you Pakistan!

Naveen Waqar’s Latest Photoshoot, June 2010

Spunky is the word to define Naveen Waqar aka Fuse. She is lively, energetic, pretty and petite, Laced with all the word tools, armed to teeth with an unparalleled gift of the gab and a lexicon ready to sprawl from the tip of her tongue, Naveen is an enterprising VJ and a budding voice over artist. She has what it takes to be a dynamic youth leader as she has made it big in a very short span of time.

She is currently working on her debut album.

Photographer: Fayyaz Ahmed

The vital visage of Shahzad ‘Shahi’ Hasan

May 2, 2010

Instep goes in depth to illustrate the versatile life of Shahi Hasan, perhaps the most elusive and overshadowed member of the pioneers of pop-rock in our country, Vital Signs.

By Amar Ayaz

[Original Post]

In any conversation about music and its origins in Pakistan, one band that would, or should, repeatedly be mentioned would have to be Vital Signs. As their name would suggest, they were the ‘vital signs’ of pop-rock in our country. It would be crazy not agree with that.

That said, any conversation we have about the band, its members and their present statuses, more often than not people mention Junaid Jamshed and his search for fulfillment in his faith. Obviously another name people would mention is that of Coke Studio genius Rohail Hyatt. But one name that continues to fly under the radar since the band mates went their own ways is that of Shahi Hasan.

Junaid, with his good looks and great vocals, was the bona fide front man for Vital Signs. While immensely talented, as is evident now, Rohail was the business savvy member, more likely borne out of necessity rather than choice considering how cutthroat the corporate side of this industry can be. Shahi got on with his business which was music, opting to stay out of the limelight. Even after they all went their separate ways, Shahi remained balanced, keeping grounded with the conservative ways of Junaid and liberal thoughts of Rohail.